Surviving The Party Season 2021 – Hangover Cures

Tis’ the season to indulge with reckless abandon. To throw caution to the wind knowing that January is just around the corner and once we just string together these next 30 odd cheat days in a row, we’ll be back on the wagon, and our inner booze hound will be back on a short leash.  But as we all try to get a hang of the job of ‘adulting’ does that really sound like a grown up way to handle ourselves?


Yes the annual swing vote from fasting to frivolity has begun, and despite all government guidelines, whether at home or abroad on the high street, craic [read: pints] will be had in excess no matter how bad the dreaded numbers get.  And as we while away the chillier months indoors with a bottle of something dark velvety red in our lap, our liver is handling a LOT more incoming traffic as a result.


And yes, it’s true, you can leave your hardworking liver to do its job for most of your life and for most of us it will barely complain except on the worst of weekend binges.  But perhaps it would be a thought to take some of the “calories in, calories out” approach and translate it to our liver health.  In The Hopsack we see scores of folks suffering from lives lived without pausing to restore health to their vital organs, from late onset diabetes to osteoarthritis, EVERY SINGLE chronic disease that sets in and takes over our quality of life has some relationship to our liver and its state of health.


So what are the solutions? Well you’ll see below Finn’s blazing hot tips for cooling your liver down and leaving you in the flying form for many more nights of feel good festivities.


1 – Liposomal Vitamin C – grab 1000mg of this amazing multitasking nutrient and take one before you go out, another when you get in, and one more in the morning.  Neutralises the free radical damage that comes courtesy of the fizzy drinks.

2 – Milk Thistle tincture – go for the tincture (liquid form) from Viridian. It’s 100% organic. Stick 20 drops in a little water just before you hit the town, do the same when you get in and once again before your breakfast (if you can stomach it).  This magic herbs protects the liver from toxic fallout from alcohol fermentation in the gut.

3 – Probiotics – If you can’t get in to us for the most special probiotic from Living Nutrition, then pick up any good probiotic you can find locally.  Make sure of two things – it must be multi  strain, and there also needs to be strain certification.  If the folk selling you the probiotics don’t know about that, don’t buy yours from them – simple!

4 – Liposomal Glutathione / NAC  / MSM  – those of you who’ve been paying attention to health news this year, will have heard these names peppering the blogs and insta feeds of those in the know.  Essentially the major cleanup job the liver has to do relies on its very own chemical factory, the top of the tree substances it makes prevent damage in the liver itself but are used all around our body to prevent insult and injury from just about every invader, from booze to bacteria.  

5 – HYDRATE You Fools! It’s a sad fact that we won’t sell any newspapers telling you to drink water, but yes, the dehydration headache is the thing most of us feel the day after – nope it’s usually not the fault of a bad burger.  Practice the one-for-one, bring a pint (of water) to bed, and make sure you get a good bowel movement in the morning (that could come courtesy of a shot of espresso), as this will all help shovelling the toxic you know what out of your system.


Now go forth and live well, foster connection, find your tribe and feel the warm glow from a fireside sing song.  Happy Christmas 🙂


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