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How To Use Carrageen Moss

How to use carrageen sea moss

Carrageen moss, latterly known as Irish moss, is one of Ireland’s most powerful traditional tonic remedies.  As an island/coastal culture, which for many centuries hacked a living out of the landscape with inherent and necessary frugality, we accrued a tremendous natural pharmacy – using our myriad herbs (nearly all now known as weeds!), mushrooms and […]

Surviving The Party Season 2021 – Hangover Cures

Tis’ the season to indulge with reckless abandon. To throw caution to the wind knowing that January is just around the corner and once we just string together these next 30 odd cheat days in a row, we’ll be back on the wagon, and our inner booze hound will be back on a short leash.  […]

Raw cacao reishi cake recipe

Raw Cacao Cake Recipe

To celebrate the wonder that is chocolate 🍫 and our love of medicinal mushrooms🍄, we asked Ana (Sweet Nourishments) to create a delicious cake incorporating both of these wonderful ingredients… she didn’t let us down. Utensils Food processor 8’’ square baking dish (ideally with a removable bottom) Baking paper 2 Pots and bowls (for bain-maries – a bowl over a […]

The Big O(rganic)!

National Organic Week Ireland 2009 is upon us. It runs from 14 September to 20 September inclusive but The Hopsack is offering you lip-smackin’ tastings for an entire fortnight! Sweet, eh? Whole Earth soft drinks; Koyu Matcha tea; toasty Clearspring seed snacks; and organic, fair-trade, sun-drenched mango are just a few of the treats chosen […]

A Summer Noodle Salad – in Search of Sunnier Climbs

Noodles Salad

A lovely simple recipe courtesy of Clearspring – purveyors, and suppliers to The Hopsack, of authentic Japanese cuisine. Chu-ka Udon Salad This colourful salad is a Clearspring alternative to a classic Japanese summer dish served from June to September. “Chu-ka” is in reference to the Chinese origins of ramen noodles, which are normally served with […]

Put a Spring (summer) In Your Step!


Just discovered a couple of nice foodie blogs that are definitely worth sharing.  Simple food is the name of the game.  And the winners are protein packed salads.  Early tries from seasonal fruit (ripe strawberries from Wexford) with a strong showing from mineral rich nuts (almonds from California) and man of the match goes to […]