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You’re such a smoothie!

In the summer of 2005 Russian-born American author Victoria Boutenko was messing about in her kitchen. She was looking for ways to incorporate more greens into her diet without drowning them in fat-laden dressing. Why greens? Green leaves and vegetables are an abundant source of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibre, all of […]

It’s not just for boys…

Testosterone: the very word conjures up the hairy alpha male, female in one hand and club in the other, forging his way through the forest. Less well known: women make testosterone too, and it is central to a woman’s sexual wellbeing. When pondering hormones ‘for her’ we think of oestrogen and progesterone but it is […]

Finn’s Q&A – I’ve Got a Cold, I’m Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense

 I've Got a Cold, I'm Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense   So here’s the “boiling hot take” (for all you Blind Boy fans in the audience) on our coughs and colds winter pandemic…   If you’re sniffling right now, chances are it’s not because some bacteria or virus is actually in your body wreaking havoc, […]

Mercury is retrograde

Hydrargyrum (Hg), more commonly known as quicksilver or mercury, is one of the most toxic elements on earth. Exquisite to behold when flowing around Alexander Calder’s Mercury Fountain in Barcelona, it’s not quite so beautiful when residing two inches from your brain. The phrase ‘mad as a hatter’ directly describes the mercury-induced psychological and neurological […]

Cecelia Armelin’s Great Irish Eating Plan

Well if you ever needed a food guide to get you through lean times with wholefoods made both filling and fulfilling then check out Cecelia’s Irish Eating Plan. With a lifetime of experience in turning ill health to rude health using macrobiotic eating principles, Cecelia’s plan is a solid starter for anyone lost in a […]

All you need is love (and maca!)

I can’t believe it’s a full twelvemonth since the Hopsack blog débuted with a tribute to the patron saint of love, San Valentino. The world over, humans have sought saintly and divine intervention in the art of love, so this year, in pursuit of passion, we’re tripping to South America to visit the friendly goddess […]