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Best Secret Santa Gifts in 2023 – Top 5 Picks

Secret Santa Gift in Ireland

Fun Gifts For Secret Santa If you’re like us and you LOVE the giving almost as much as the receiving at Christmas, then this post is for you!  From boxes of lovingly made unique chocolate truffles, to amethyst-lined double-walled borosilicate glass tea infusion bottles, to the most delicious vegan cheese board…Hopsack has you covered for […]

Is Collagen Supplementation Effective and Necessary

Collagen and Its Role in Our Body - A Complete Guide

So you’ve heard about collagen supplements and you want to know more?  Is collagen supplementation effective?  Is collagen supplementation necessary?  Well we’ve got the low down for you!   Collagen has exploded in popularity in the past 5 years, and we’ve been busy researching the best brands and distilling the facts from the lies so we […]

The Best Protein Powders in Ireland and Why You Need to Try Them

Different Protein Powders With Different Purpose - Dublin Health Store

Here is what we’ll cover today…  (You can even jump to a particular section you’re interested in by clicking on the relevant link!!)   Protein is THE Health Game Changer Do You Need a Protein Powder Is Red Meat the Best Source of Protein What About Vegan Protein Powders Amino Acid Profile Best Protein Powder […]

Scorched Earth – Why are we so Anti the Pro Biotics?

Understanding The Nature and Role of Our Microbiome. And How Modern Medicine Is Failing Us Getting to the root of our gut bugs has to start with a defintion. The root of probiotic – PRO and BIOS Pro – An argument or consideration in favor of something. Bios – God’s gift of physical life, animating […]

It’s a Christmas miracle – no more bloated, bothersome, unbuttoned belly issues

At The Hopsack we’ve long traded on the promise to improve the quality of our customers’ lives through helping them impact their diet, and lifestyle with simple but fundamental changes that help them tune into their natural rhythms and live with less pain and more energy. But who wants to hear about that at Christmas!! […]