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Finn's Q&A - heart health
So, for this Q&A we asked Finn one simple, seasonal ‘Q’ - what can be done to improve our heart health?  His ‘A’ is as captivating as ever...       ...
Finn Health
Warm aphrodisiac salad - recipe
By The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday. This dish is bound to impress your loved one on Valentine’s evening. It’s not too filling and super quick to prepare. I have also inco...
Nicky Food
All About Oral!
It's in his kiss... My 108th (or thereabouts) internet date had come to an end. As I sipped the last of my drink, I couldn’t help it, my heart sank, he wasn’t ‘the one’. I...
Kathy Health
Love is the drug
Oh oh catch that buzz Love is the drug I'm thinkin' of Oh oh can't you see Love is the drug got a hook in me... (Roxy Music, Love is the Drug, 1975) * Love is the drug, created in your very ...
Rhoda-Mary Health




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