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WEB ORDER SCHEDULE UPDATE>>> Online order lead times 10-14 days. Please bear with us while we struggle to get up to speed with our new systems and delivery schedule to get you guys the healthfoods you want from us. We're so thrilled with the compassion you're showing for fellow humans by staying indoors and we really want to do what we can to show our support for this initiative.

Order numbers 2500 -2800 - MOSTLY SHIPPED, FEW EXCEPTIONS

Order numbers 2801-2950 - IN PROCESS, ESTD LATEST DELIVERY 10/4/20

Order numbers 2951- 3200 - less than 50% shipped, estd latest delivery 15/4/20

Specific stock issues and delays applying to Marriages and other wheat flours, yeast, dishwasher tablets (all brands), rice (all kinds), elderberry syrup, zinc supplements - hand sanitiser is back in stock!

We hope this update helps you manage your expectations for delivery dates. Please know that we're doing everything we can to shorten lead times and get you what you ordered with minimal delays.

As we try to navigate this tricky moment in human history, we are having to limit multiple purchases of any single items to a maximum of 3 for the time being. There is also a limit of 1 of each supplement per person. 

We hope you understand that this measure is designed to help us feed our entire community as consistently as possible so that we all can make it through this difficult time together!

Minimal Waste Project
Here at The Hopsack we’ve been striving to minimise our waste output from the get-go and we welcome this ever-growing trend. Finn, Kate and all of the staff have always been mindful of what we a...
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