Grain-Related Brain Drain
Ever feel exhausted, drugged, or unable to think half an hour after eating a sandwich for lunch? If so, you might be suffering from the effects of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity on the brain. What is...
Guide to Carbohydrates
High-carb, low-carb, carb, carb, carb! Few four-letter words have excited so much controversy. Carbs (aka carbohydrates) have been revered and vilified. Some doctors and nutritionists view them as key...
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Tried & Tested - Pukka Spirulina Powde...
Every month, each member of The Hopsack staff receives a product to trial from the store. It can be anything from skincare, to supplements and remedies, to food. Aleksandra tried out Pukka Spirulina ...
The Art of Pulling...Oil Pulling
Are you suffering from toothache? Perhaps you are hungover? Or battling chronic insomnia as those sheep you are trying to count skip further and further away? If so, read on. A simple technique groun...
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