Staff Trial!  Ana tries out Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3,6,9,
COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-9-D "Last month my staff trial was Complete omega oil with vitamin D3.  My daily dose was half up to one tablespoon. I have to say that my skin improved a lot, especially...
Guide to Proteins
The French word 'protéine', coined in 1838, comes from the Greek word 'proteios', meaning 'the first quality'. Proteins are essential to life, just not in the hu-moo-ngo...
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Yogandha Staff Reviews
A few of The Hopsack staff had the lovely pleasure of sampling some Yogandha products recently. Here's what they thought of their oils.  Edin - muscle soothe I picked the muscle soothe oil b...
The Essence of Essential Fats
In this article you will learn a little about the structure of fats, what the best sources are, and how to work out what ones you might benefit from taking the most! WHAT ARE THEY Essential fats are...
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