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It’s a Christmas miracle – no more bloated, bothersome, unbuttoned belly issues

At The Hopsack we’ve long traded on the promise to improve the quality of our customers’ lives through helping them impact their diet, and lifestyle with simple but fundamental changes that help them tune into their natural rhythms and live with less pain and more energy. But who wants to hear about that at Christmas!! […]

Finn’s Q&A – How To Quit Feeling Sh*t – nutrition and herbs for that STRONG mental game

Feeling quite sh*te?  You’re not alone! (and help is at hand – read on 🤷‍♀️😘🥳) And though the solutions be only one micro change away – all the “top 30 things you’re not doing” articles won’t help to deal with YOUR specific real life woes.  To be clear – we’re not saying those little changes […]

Finn’s Q&A – I’ve Got Another Urinary Tract Infection – HELP!!

Your Quickstart Guide to Keeping Your Kidneys healthy Yup, it’s the sparknotes to one of the most common body systems that goes awry.  Why there isn’t a module on keeping your kidneys clean and healthy in school…well perhaps that’s low on the list of high priority Irish school reforms…but it would save the public and […]

Surviving The Party Season 2021

Tis’ the season to indulge with reckless abandon. To throw caution to the wind knowing that January is just around the corner and once we just string together these next 30 odd cheat days in a row, we’ll be back on the wagon, and our inner booze hound will be back on a short leash.  […]

You’re such a smoothie!

In the summer of 2005 Russian-born American author Victoria Boutenko was messing about in her kitchen. She was looking for ways to incorporate more greens into her diet without drowning them in fat-laden dressing. Why greens? Green leaves and vegetables are an abundant source of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibre, all of […]

Finn’s Q&A – I’ve Got a Cold, I’m Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense

 I’ve Got a Cold, I’m Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense So here’s the “boiling hot take” (for all you Blind Boy fans in the audience) on our coughs and colds winter pandemic…   If you’re sniffling right now, chances are it’s not because some bacteria or virus is actually in your body wreaking havoc, it’s […]

It’s not just for boys…

Testosterone: the very word conjures up the hairy alpha male, female in one hand and club in the other, forging his way through the forest. Less well known: women make testosterone too, and it is central to a woman’s sexual wellbeing. When pondering hormones ‘for her’ we think of oestrogen and progesterone but it is […]