Benefits of Irish Sea Moss Gel

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You’ve been reading SO much online about sea moss gel, and let’s be honest about this, most of the claims are crazy overblown.  You’re not going to make lank hair look shiny, lustrous and super healthy in a week – reviving hair growth is a 6 month process at LEAST, and the nutrients that go into giving you back your luscious locks are used in so many more physiologically essential roles by your body, that hair, skin and nails are the last places to feel the love when you feed the body with mineral rich seafoods like sea moss gel.  

And another word of caution!!  Your sea moss gel should contain around 5mg dry weight sea moss per 100ml.  But be WARY – ask your supplier and confirm that your chosen sea moss gel contains a decent amount of sea moss.  Many unscrupulous operators are out there and they’re only interested in making money from the hype with highly diluted products that won’t do anything for you!!! 

But! Don’t stop reading here, because we’re about to cut through the noise to bring you the no bullshit benefits you can get from making sea moss gel a part of your life.

Sea Moss Gel Benefits

So What can Sea Moss Gel Do For ME??

Improve My Energy

Your thyroid is a tiny but VITAL part of your inner workings.  The thyroid is involved with regulating your body’s desire to store or burn calories.  It regulates temperature in the body to within a very fine degree, and this thermoregulation is largely the biggest driver of caloric expenditure.  Hence those with hypothyroid conditions tend to be overweight, whilst those suffering from hyperthyroid are most often underweight due to this mechanism.  The synthesis of thyroid hormone requires many different amino acids such as glycine and tyrosine, but possibly  the most powerful regulatory nutrient in terms of thyroid output on a longer term scale is iodine.  

Fundamentally we understand that iodine is critical to the biosynthesis of thyroid hormone in its binding to tyrosine to make thyroid hormone precursors.  But one two five steps further on, iodine is an EXCITING antioxidant, being one of the most prolific free radical scavengers known to man, and as such it’s the stuff our governments have dispatched in times past when the threat of nuclear fallout was high, as its ability to protect our cells throughout our body but most especially our thyroid from the potential damage from radioactive particles which are the most reactive molecules in existence.  In terms of longevity, your health over your lifetime – iodine my friends, is where it’s at.  And sea moss, with its high content of 9mcg iodine per gram dry weight is the best place to start if more energy is what you’re after.  As we said above, 

Improve My Lung Health

Probably the most commonly applied uses – at least in our damp and cold climate here in Ireland – for sea moss gel as an expectorant lung tonic.  For centuries, Irish households and many other coastal cultures have relied on carrageen, sea moss or irish moss as the most effective remedy for clearing mucus and heavy infected phlegm off the lungs.  

The onset of a cold is often/usually noted by the presence of excess mucus production in the sinuses, but as a cold wears on, the throat and the chest become the deeper targets of invading bacteria and viruses, causing our body to ramp up mucus production in these harder to clear tissues.

If you have or regularly do suffer chest infections, or those hard to clear winter coughs, then sea moss gel is your best friend to speed up the clearance or better still – to prevent the congestion from taking hold.

If you’re somebody who loves winter runs, hikes or cycles, then taking a good heaped spoonful of sea moss gel before you hit the road is a great way to activate your lungs and help them stay clear during exercise.

Decongest My Blocked Sinuses

For those of you who suffer congested sinuses – whether it’s due to allergies as in chronic rhinitis, or hayfever, or if your stuffy office atmosphere and the recycled air leaves you breathing through half a nostril…or less…sea moss gel is your go to sinus saving morning tonic.  With powerful decongestant properties, sea moss gel will help prevent stuffed up sinuses from ever becoming an issue.  

Whenever we suffer the onset of a head cold, the body kicks into gear with its primary conveyor belt for ejecting invaders out of the airways and that tool is the flow of fresh mucus over our mucosal membrane.  But knowing when to stop is usually the issue.  What really?  Surely once the stubborn bacterial or viral infection is removed, we can go back to normal right?  Wrong.  Your unfortunate immune system acts a bit like an overprotective parent when she’s on the warpath, and can take weeks to tone down her hyper-reactive immune system response to last week’s cold virus invasion.

Regulating mucus production involves many potential avenues, but if we were to pick a one stop shop approach, then consuming carrageen or sea moss gel would be our first point of attack. 

Heal My Gut

If you turned your body inside out (don’t), you would see that all the internal surfaces – respiratory, digestive, reproductive, etc are lined with this lovely rich and slimy surface known as the mucosal membrane.  The membrane exists to protect and preserve our incredibly delicate inner linings from harm, and the start of most issues in our gut is when this powerful protective membrane begins to break down, exposing the GI tract lining to all sorts of foreign substances that cause irritation and ulceration.  

Whatever the condition and immediate remedy that may vary widely depending on the condition, any protocol for healing the gut should and must included sea moss gel to rapidly restore the intestinal lining’s precious surface protection.  Sea moss gel, along with marshmallow, meadowsweet, liquorice and a number of other mucilaginous herbs serve to rapidly recover the mucosal membrane, allowing the tissues lining the gut wall to heal and repair, reducing inflammatory patterns and stabilising motility.

Strengthen My Hair Skin & Nails

Finally!  What you’ve all been waiting for!  It’s the beauty bit!! Sea moss is PACKED with healing minerals like selenium, zinc, iodine and, possibly even more important for your skin – fucoxanthin a powerful carotenoid antioxidant that has lately been included in many of the world’s most expensive cosmetic formulae due to its ability to protect and renew skin cells.

Zinc is well known for helping with acne prone skin, but for the same reason it helps heal acne, it’s really a key mineral for everybody’s skin health.  Zinc improves skin cell permeability, facilitating the delivery of nutrients to the cells and the removal of metabolic wastes.  Healthier cells equals healthier glowing skin!

Zinc is also a key hardening mineral in the matrix of all hard tissues in our body, including nails and hair, adding density to the matrix.  Great news then to know that your sea moss gel is packed with zinc too!!

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant mineral, that works alongside zinc and other nutrients to arrest the process of oxidative stress which shows up in our skin as fine line, wrinkles and a lack of vibrancy and vitality.  

Where to Buy Irish Sea Moss


If you’re looking to buy Irish moss DO NOT just do random internet searches and pick the cheapest one!!  Get to know your suppliers, pick from an Irish formulator, ask them how much sea moss is in their blend…or better still make your own for pennies on the dollar!!  Check out our article here where you can learn how to make the MOST effective sea moss gel in your own kitchen with a saucepan and a sieve and not much else!!


We stock whole sea moss, and also a sea moss gel called Moss Boss from Oir Tonics (the only one we’ve found that we trust!!) 

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