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You’re Such a Smoothie! Sprouts, Green Vegetables and Fruits!

In this article, we’ll discuss: Why More Greens in Your Diet 100% Raw Diet For Body Healing Adding Greens To Your Diet – The Easy Way Nourishing Nature of Smoothies Make Your Own Smoothie Combinations Why More Greens In Your Diet In the summer of 2005 Russian-born American author Victoria Boutenko was messing about in […]

It’s not just for boys…

Testosterone: the very word conjures up the hairy alpha male, female in one hand and club in the other, forging his way through the forest. Less well known: women make testosterone too, and it is central to a woman’s sexual wellbeing. When pondering hormones ‘for her’ we think of oestrogen and progesterone but it is […]

Finn’s Q&A – I’ve Got a Cold, I’m Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense

 I’ve Got a Cold, I’m Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense So here’s the “boiling hot take” (for all you Blind Boy fans in the audience) on our coughs and colds winter pandemic…   If you’re sniffling right now, chances are it’s not because some bacteria or virus is actually in your body wreaking havoc, it’s […]

October 2008 – Emotions and the Chinese Body Clock

More than 5000 years ago, while we were busy making healing poultices from cow dung and arsenic (please allow for a touch of artistic licence here…), China’s practitioners of traditional medicine were mapping out the energy pathways flowing through our organs, a network still known as the meridian system. Certain points along the pathways are […]

Rude Health 2008 – what’s it all about?

The 21st Century Health Show In Ireland a new generation has emerged. Fast-moving, fun-loving, questioning, time-strapped, Europe’s brightest consumers – and sometimes a little stressed. And a generation more health-conscious than ever before. Juice bars, spas, gyms, activity holidays – all part of 21st century living. A generation more than 50% of whom regularly use […]

Mercury is retrograde

Hydrargyrum (Hg), more commonly known as quicksilver or mercury, is one of the most toxic elements on earth. Exquisite to behold when flowing around Alexander Calder’s Mercury Fountain in Barcelona, it’s not quite so beautiful when residing two inches from your brain. The phrase ‘mad as a hatter’ directly describes the mercury-induced psychological and neurological […]