About Wandering into Wellness

Finn Murray is the owner of The Hopsack, (@thehopsack) a second-generation health food store in Rathmines, Dublin, that has carved a path for the last 40 years bringing sound health advice to its local community. Finn is a knowledgeable and passionate natural health advocate and enjoys sharing his insight on many health conditions gleaned over years of experience in helping the public manage and support their health and that of their families.

Lydia Sasse (@yogawithlydia) is a yoga therapist, wellness coach, women’s health teacher and podcast host. She specialises in the areas of womb life from the first period through fertility pregnancy birth and into menopause and beyond. She teaches niche areas such as face and eye yoga and yoga for children with additional needs along with providing chair yoga for corporate wellness and all levels of ability.

Finn and Lydia have spent the past years focused on sharing their expertise and knowledge with the collective community in order to make health accessible for all. Their passions for health and wellbeing have brought them together as Wandering into Wellness. Their crossover of talents and areas of interest has culminated in a series of holistic health and wellness workshops. These workshops provide attendees with up-to-date health and nutrition information in a format that is relatable for their attendees. The duo focus on sharing their enthusiasm for health with your team by including plenty of practical take-aways that their audience can implement immediately to improve their daily life.

The duo also hosts the Wandering into Wellness podcast which focuses on themes such as health, wellness and natural living and have had guests such as Patrick Holford, Maeve Madden and Jamie Heaslip.

Why Promote Wellness at Your Workplace?

Now more than ever people are craving connection, collaboration and camaraderie. With your employees working remotely, providing them with support to remain productive, engaged and connected is essential for their long and short-term job satisfaction, health and wellbeing. With Wandering into Wellness we can help you to help your team by reinforcing healthy behaviour and habits whilst ensuring it doesn’t become a chore.

Our hour-long workshops have been designed to cover a broad range of topics in the health and wellbeing sphere. Your business can choose to sign up for an individual workshop or a regular program of events, depending on the ever-evolving needs of your team.

Your team is on a journey – with your company, with their families and friends, with themselves. But, their health is the only journey they truly take on their own. It’s with this internal adventure that Wandering Into Wellness can help.

Let us come and support them on their path to better health, meeting them at their level to provide the tools they need to optimise their nutrition, create movement and stillness practices, to reach their personal health goals, to better understand and manage their emotions and stress levels, to help them achieve peak performance personally and professionally and to really enjoy their journey as they come Wandering Into Wellness with us.

What Our Clients Say

“At Irish Distillers, we had the pleasure of having Lydia & Finn deliver two talks for us- one in person pre-Covid & one virtually via zoom. Whether in person or virtually their energy is infectious. The talks were fantastic – really engaging, informative with just the right depth of detail and simple take-aways that you can implement easily. The wellness boxes were fabulous, really good value & a lovely care package for the team. Couldn’t recommend the guys more.”

– Michelle BourtonGlobal Marketing Manager, Irish Distillers


“We at Greenville Procurement thoroughly enjoyed our Wandering into Wellness workshop. Employees went away very pleased having participated in a comprehensive, practical and engaging event. Finn and Lydia were energetic and knowledgable hosts and the movement and breathing practices and resources they shared with us will be a great addition to our toolkit.”

– Jeanne Copeland
CEO and Founder, Greenville Procurement


“The Wandering into Winter Immunity Boosting session was the perfect team-building event. In just over an hour, the team walked away with many useful tips and exercises to help manage stress and physical wellbeing whilst working from home. The care packs contained a ton of carefully curated goodies to improve the team’s wellbeing going into the fall, and Finn and Lydia thoughtfully explained the benefits of each. This was one of the best-rated sessions we’ve done since working from home with a long-lasting benefit for everyone who attended.”

– Jenny Taylor
Sales Manager, Google