It’s a Christmas miracle – no more bloated, bothersome, unbuttoned belly issues

At The Hopsack we’ve long traded on the promise to improve the quality of our customers’ lives through helping them impact their diet, and lifestyle with simple but fundamental changes that help them tune into their natural rhythms and live with less pain and more energy. But who wants to hear about that at Christmas!!
This season is all about the quick wins, and strong traditions. One of our favourite Christmas quick fixes, is the magic addition that helps your body cope with all the feasting, without the wanton waistline worries!! By waistline we don’t just mean the piling on of Christmas pounds- what we’re talking about here is that discomfort that so many men and women contend with that mean we almost NEVER keep the top button of our trousers done up throughout a meal.
So what is this magic solution we hear you ask??? Ok so this might be hard to stomach, but if you ask your body how it feels about Christmas dinner- the most likely answer will be “STOOOPPP!” – your tummy isn’t really built for such over eating!!!
Without wanting to act the enabler here, but the main reason your body is struggling with the Christmas calorie count is because it simply runs out out of enzymes. These little chemicals your body produces in your pancreas and elsewhere break down your whole macronutrients into smaller molecules that can be readily broken down and absorbed or excreted.
When the well runs dry during a big meal, it leaves less (or no) energy to fully break down your food, meaning that the bacteria in our lower gut that we usually love (called our microbiome) start to run amuck, fermenting the foods that your body hasn’t broken down, and producing volumes of trapped wind that translate into what’s commonly known as – a food baby 👶🥴
So where’s the help? In this case- right in your hand. Plant based digestive enzymes do the work when your body screams “No more!” – chemically breaking down starches, proteins and fats, easing the burden on your overstretched digestive tract.  Our favourite is from a world leading enzyme specialist, Enzymedica. We recommend their supplements more than any other we stock because they are up to 4X more powerful and they have special enzyme blends that operate throughout a longer chain of your gut (at different pH’s) and ALSO stimulate your body to produce more of its own enzymes too!!!
We’re offering them to you at a special 20% off online only when you use the code HOPSACKCHRISTMAS20