Finn’s Q&A – How To Quit Feeling Sh*t – nutrition and herbs for that STRONG mental game

Feeling quite sh*te?  You’re not alone! (and help is at hand – read on 🤷‍♀️😘🥳)

And though the solutions be only one micro change away – all the “top 30 things you’re not doing” articles won’t help to deal with YOUR specific real life woes.  To be clear – we’re not saying those little changes won’t help – they WILL – but when you’ve crossed off the first ten and you’re getting nowhere how is that working for you?  I mean REALLY??  Also – making changes, no matter how slight, when you feel like the world is actually against you and your own body is joining the opposition too…it’s just a big ol’ hill to climb.  So from talking to literally thousands of people about their various individual interpretations of feeling below par, we’ve jotted down the top 5 situations that have their own specific solutions – okay let’s get ready to feel better…

Pick a situation.  You…

  1. … can’t get out of bed without hitting the snooze button

Now this could be down to just living the life that you didn’t dream about when you were 5 years old, but as the wise folks tend to say – what we see and feel is more a matter of perspective than any version of absolute truth.  But if you can’t just change your mind (it’s a little easier said than done) then here’s a couple of goodies to get you throwing off the covers first thing.

  • Don’t have coffee first thing –

that’s a reliance that isn’t suiting you.  Dragging yourself to the coffee machine like it’s the only thing you live for is not a marker for good mental or emotional health try this instead

  • Chromium – its a magic anchor mineral.

And what does it anchor?  Why it anchors insulin onto the outside of your cells, driving home the message that you want whatever sugar is in your blood stream to go be quietly in storage for a while to allow you get some shuteye.  Try 200-400mcg over 3-4 weeks and see if you lift your head lighter from the pillow.  The absolute best way to see if this is really a supplement for you is to get a CGM, or continuous glucose monitor.  If you’re suffering the early day blues, or that famous three o’clock slump, it’s a big indicator that your body isn’t handling sugar too

  • Ashwagandha OR Rhodiola –

now this is a topical place for sure – the word adaptogens is like cannonfodder for anyone looking to hype up herbals on insta, but if you want to take your herbal medicine a bit more seriously and tailor it to your own needs (insta’s algorithms still haven’t caught up to that one) then you’ll be intrigued to go down the rabbit hole with us when we say there’s an adaptogen to suit – and for sure one that’s pure poison – to each and every one of us depending on our mental state.  The state of the present moment and/but the deeper tendencies that underlie our habits throughout our life.  So – enough waffle – if you love that snooze button, but your boss says you have to make a new best friend, then these two deep adrenal tonics are for you.  Ashwagandha‘s history as a fertility and libido tonic, and rhodiola’s amazing studies demonstrating enhanced oxygen utilisation in athletes make then a combo to turn your morning mood from catnap to caped crusader.

  • Tyrosine –

it’s a sure fire fact that our endocrine system – the things that produce sex hormones, stress hormones, thyroid hormones etc, take a BASH-ING during our lifetime.  Never more so than that midlife period where most of us breed babies and work round the clock to feed them and work to pay bills to feed them.  It’s an unforgiving cycle.  Enter tyrosine – it’s an amino acid, considered non-essential in that our body can synthesise it from others – but it’s a beautiful nutritional option to feed into this cycle – as it’s a vital precursor for our body to make thyroid (get up and go and regulate body temperature and metabolism) hormone and also dopamine (the one that gives you a kick of satisfaction when you hit the high note in choir, or nail that handstand, or get the nod of approval from your herd for a freshly baked creation).  Essentially (or non-essentially), it’s a fine thing to include in your mix of early day mojo makers, and another thing that might help replace the caffeine kick.

Tune in for July as we continue our tips on how to quit feeling like sh*t in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and even in your delicious snoozy dreams😴

  1. … feel like you get everything wrong…
  2. … start your day well, but end it in an icecream tub
  3. … just can’t switch the monkey mind off
  4. … used to feel time poor, now it’s like a week passes in a day