Put a Spring (summer) In Your Step!


Just discovered a couple of nice foodie blogs that are definitely worth sharing.  Simple food is the name of the game.  And the winners are protein packed salads.  Early tries from seasonal fruit (ripe strawberries from Wexford) with a strong showing from mineral rich nuts (almonds from California) and man of the match goes to delicate but robust Quinoa! Bolivian/Peruvian or Canadian (his heart is in the Andes) – his high selenium content pushes over the game line every time and with an amino acid profile to outshine any other grain, he has the staying power to see you up hill and down dale with a spring in your step.
So off you go to www.ohsheglows.com to tantalise your tastebuds and inspire your inner summer salad guru. I hear we all have one…

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