Best Secret Santa Gifts in 2023 – Top 5 Picks

Secret Santa Gift in Ireland

Fun Gifts For Secret Santa

If you’re like us and you LOVE the giving almost as much as the receiving at Christmas, then this post is for you!  From boxes of lovingly made unique chocolate truffles, to amethyst-lined double-walled borosilicate glass tea infusion bottles, to the most delicious vegan cheese board…Hopsack has you covered for all the secret santa needs to impressive your office colleagues and give them something SERIOUSLY unique this Christmas.

Vahdam Advent Calendar & Loose Leaf Tea Sets

Remember when advent calendars were a thing of wonder and magic?  Us too!  Vahdam has brought the magic back, with this gorgeous 2023 advent calendar.  Each numbered drawer reveals one of Vahdam’s signature teas, organically certified, shipped directly from their tea plantations in India where Vahdam’s commitment to carbon neutral activity and education programs for their tea pickers’ families, makes this second generation company a powerful ethical choice for their advent calendars and amazing loose leaf tea sets.  

When you see the stunning packaging, and explore the blends you’ll see it’s no ordinary tea company – we’re so excited to be your only Irish source for Vahdam teas.

Us + The Earth Crystal Tea Infuser

Yup it’s more tea, can you tell we’re addicted lol?! You don’t have to enjoy teas or know your secret Santa’s hot drink habits – using this stunning double walled borosilicate glass bottle is a great way for anyone to get more water into their diet.  Chopping cucumber, mint and lime to make their favourite fruit infusions or simply adding some ice cubes as a refresher for the gym.  The selection of amethyst or aventurine crystals energises and structures the water while you drink. 

Bamboo Lid Water Bottle in Ireland

If you’re looking for uncommon christmas gifts, but want to stay classy AND committed to health – that’s our vibe 😁

Christmas Spiced Chocolate Buttons

What’s the most exciting thing about Christmas day…CORRECT! The Christmas Crackers!!! Well how about a Christmas cracker STUFFED with raw organic chocolate buttons spiced with ginger, cinnamon and a host of Christmas flavours.  The Christmas spiced buttons from The Raw Chocolate Co are one of our absolute favourite 2023 Christmas treats

Christmas Chocolate Gifts - Spiced Buttons in Ireland

We’re literally the ONLY place you can get hold of these buttons in this format this year, cos they’re so tricky to pack even their manufacturers decided they’re too much hassle – but we’ve gone and done the hard work cos we KNOW how much you’re going to love them as 2023 Christmas chocolate gift ideas for this year’s secret santa.

Trilogy Natural Skincare Gift Sets

Every year we hunt down the finest organic and natural cosmetic gift sets for you to set your favourite friends’ skin routine on the right track.  This year Trilogy has got 5 gorgeous gift sets to set your skin tingling – and some that are shockingly good value!! 

Skincare Gift Set Christmas 2023 - all about you

The best gifts are always the ones that look like they cost double their true value – and Trilogy always pitch their gift sets with some serious Christmas time savings – and your budget – in mind.  For instance how does €19.95 sound for a full size trilogy hand cream and rosehip roller ball. That’s two full size products in a gorgeous Skincare Christmas gift box with a saving of 39% on the full retail value!!  Sounds like a great value Christmas eh?  

I Found Myself in a Female Orgy Incense, Raw Chocolates etc from Cosmic Dealer

ANOTHER gift card? REALLY??! Not for us, in the Hopsack we love quirky Christmas gifts and this incense is just the ticket.  But don’t be fooled by the funky label – this hand rolled incense range and the insanely good organic raw chocolates produced by The Cosmic Dealer are the legitimate ticket to Secret Santa success.

Unique Christmas Gift - 100% Natural Vegan Incense Sticks

Yet another Hopsack coup – we’ve hunted down this boutique brand from France that you won’t find on the shelves in any other Irish stores.


Secret Santa Gifts Under 10 Euros

Zaytoun Smoked, Caramelised and Chili Almonds 

The best way to support a struggling population is by trading with them.  And charity in this case is not without selfish gain, as the almonds produced by Zaytoun are genuinely the most delicious we’ve ever tasted.  From their olive oil, to the medjoul dates to these divine almonds – all of Zaytoun’s top quality foods are selected from Palestinian farms that need our support more than ever. 

Roasted Chilli Almonds from Palestine

Your Secret Santa gifts can still support a mission.  Om Al-Fahem is the source for these hand-shelled raw almonds.

Booja Booja 8 truffle sets €8.65

These great taste award winning vegan chocolate truffles are another amazing stocking filler for under a tenner. 

Chocolate Truffles Winter Collection Booja Booja

The best selling salted caramel truffles is joined this year by chocolate orange, around midnight espresso and Finn’s perennial favourite Hazelnut Crunch, with a plan to treat our own employees to a taste to keep them all fuelled up and in the Christmas spirit – what a boss eh!!

Oo Free Chocolate Selection Box  & Santa Bar  €6.25 or €1.50

If you’re under a strict budget but still need a cute little character to gift your coworker – the range from Oo Free ticks all the boxes.  Yummy vegan christmas chocolate santa bar molded into cute characters makes this range a top choice when you need a stocking filler for under a fiver. 

Choccy Santa Chocolate Bar Dairy Free 2023 Christmas Gift

Here are their Dairy Free Christmas Chocolate Selection Box and Chocolate Advent Calendar 2023 check them out!

Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch €6.55

Mulled wine is a winter favourite for all of us, and what better way to thaw your relations with your boss or coworker than a bottle of deliciously spiced winter punch

belvoir winter punch

Belvoir are specialists in making our favourite summer cordials, and their expert blending of spices and fruit juice makes this a great choice for anyone who’s avoiding alcohol…our spike your gift with a little side gift of a snipe of best quality port or rum to warm up those office relations!!


Truffle and Porcini Salt – €6.50

Burren Balsamics make some of Ireland’s finest food products – their vinegars are renowned worldwide.  Blending the umami richness of truffle and porcini in this classy salt blend, makes it a super select gift for the foodie in your office.

Burren Balsamics - Truffle Porcini Salt

Want more ideas? Visit our webpage here for 2023 Christmas Gift ideas.