Rude Health 2008 – what’s it all about?

The 21st Century Health Show

In Ireland a new generation has emerged. Fast-moving, fun-loving, questioning, time-strapped, Europe’s brightest consumers – and sometimes a little stressed.

And a generation more health-conscious than ever before. Juice bars, spas, gyms, activity holidays – all part of 21st century living. A generation more than 50% of whom regularly use superfoods and health supplements – and who make more visits to complementary health therapists than they do to their family doctors.

Rude Health at the RDS speaks for this generation. It suggests full-on health, harmony, happiness – and a dash of hedonism. It has a sense of humour, optimism, irreverence, and fun. AND it offers solutions to hectic lifestyles.

Rude Health at the RDS is a place to get questions answered. Questions about health, diet, sexuality, parenting. Check out our expert speaker list and meet face to face with the experts. Use the list to plan your visit and make the most of Rude Health.

It is also a place to try out things, experiment, sample, and taste. Check our 200+ exhibitors and see who it is you most want to see.

Rude Health at the RDS is brought to you by the Irish Association of Health Stores, the voice of the modern Irish health store. For years we have run the “Your Health Exhibition” at the RDS at the end of October. Rude Health builds on and modernises that show: bigger, better, brighter still.

To see where your nearest modern Irish health store is and what it can offer you click on about IAHS. And don’t hesitate to contact us with every question you may have about Rude Health.

“Rude Health” in the dictionary means plain health, primitive, straightforward and in a natural state. Isn’t that what we all want?

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