NHP – healthy woman support

What did you try?                                                                                           

NHP – healthy woman support.                                                                                                                                                          

Had you considered this product before?

Yes, I was looking for a complete multivitamin focusing on healthy women in her 30s.

I was looking for a product like this that supports all of my systems, especially my reproductive one, having struggled with hormonal imbalances for almost all my life. This formula is very complete since it includes interesting nutrients for that, such as inositol, co Q10, zinc, selenium, folic acid, alpha lipoic acid or vitamin D3, amongst others.

How often did you use it?

I took two capsules per day, for one month.

How was it?

I felt better in general ðŸ™‚


What did you like most?

My last period was more regular and less painful than they normally are.  

Would you recommend it? If so, why?

I have taken supplements in the past, where I have not felt a noticeable difference. For women who have had the same problems as me, I would definitely recommend it. Not only did it help ease my pain, but my overall health benefited.


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