Hopsack Staff trials review – Pukka Chlorella

"I love my green food supplements and have taken a range of them for years ( Spirulina and Barleygrass juice powder almost constantly!) I am a fan of a number of Pukka supplements but weirdly I have never tried Chlorella. Chlorella is known for its amino acid content and like all good green algaes is a source of chlorophyll (great for helping you carry oxygen around the body) also has b vits, beta carotene and iron. The fancy thing about Chlorella is if you get proper broken cell wall stuff it can be a great for helping clear toxins from the body, most famously heavy metals like mercury. So I don't know why I haven't taken it before.

I wondered would I notice any difference between it and my usual Spirulina. I did notice, when I took it in the mornings with breakfast and was really surprised that almost straight away I felt my energy went up. I felt brighter and more alert! I have found with Spirulina that it gives me a slower more subtle type of energy. After a week or so also I noticed my tummy was bloating less, I knew Chlorella could have a detoxifying affect on your gut but I was surprised it would have an impact so quickly. I really cannot put it down to anything else. The one mistake I did make is I did not drink enough water at the start and I found the odd blemish popping up on my face! If your body is clearing toxins you need to drink your 8 glasses! Something I knew but thought ( cockily ) I took so many green foods already that I might get away with it! I would take it again but I do like the Pukka Spirulina, so I think I might go back and forth between the two! Another green food supplement to add to my favourites list!"

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