Monthly Archives: November 2021

Finn’s Q&A – I’ve Got Another Urinary Tract Infection – HELP!!

Your Quickstart Guide to Keeping Your Kidneys healthy Yup, it’s the sparknotes to one of the most common body systems that goes awry.  Why there isn’t a module on keeping your kidneys clean and healthy in school…well perhaps that’s low on the list of high priority Irish school reforms…but it would save the public and […]

Surviving The Party Season 2021 – Hangover Cures

Tis’ the season to indulge with reckless abandon. To throw caution to the wind knowing that January is just around the corner and once we just string together these next 30 odd cheat days in a row, we’ll be back on the wagon, and our inner booze hound will be back on a short leash.  […]