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Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha Organic Extract

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  • Tried & Tested: Ashwagandha Organic Extract

Tried And Tested: Ashwagandha Organic Extract by Viridian


My dosage of this product was taken over a 2 month period and for various reasons.  Firstly I have a very busy mind at the moment and this can continue up to bedtime, so I would take 2 capsules just before sleep.  Within minutes I am calm, peaceful and asleep.  My second reason, is that I began my traveling adventures in October and I had a lot of flights to catch.  I hate busy airports and the whole procedure of boarding a plane, so just before I arrived at the airport I took 2 capsules - it was incredible!  Again I felt calm with no anxious feelings at all.
I would 100 per cent recommend this product, but to be used only when you need it.   It's an adaptogen, and I feel your body is constantly changing due to daily experiences, ie stress, sleep, anxious,meetings etc.

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