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Nuzest - Clean Lean Protein (chocolate)

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  • Nuzest - Clean Lean Protein (chocolate)

What did you try?

Nuzest - Clean Lean Protein (chocolate)

Had you considered this product before?

I've started to work out more frequently - from three times a week to five. So, I needed to increase my protein intake. Nuzest has been getting a lot of good feedback from our customers, so I wanted to give it a try!

How often did you use it?

For a month, one scoop daily.

How was it?

It was excellent, really delicious and easy to take. I enjoy baking and I found it to be a great addition to my granola bars! I love it because it's alkaline, vegan, gives full AA profile and has 20.6g of protein in one serving. It helped me to reach my protein intake goal :) 

What did you like most?

The taste and how it was so easy to use - porridge, protein granola bars, smoothies, etc ...

Would you recommend it? If so, why?

Yes - It is a perfect protein powder, with the ideal amount of protein per serving and a great flavour.

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