Monthly Archives: January 2017

Sweet potato, chestnut & sage falafels

Served with rye chapatis and gremolata-topped hummus. Chestnuts – these sweet little nuggets of festive happiness usually only find their way into a stuffing.  But, why not pair them with sweet potato and sage in falafels, serving them with rye chapatis and a gremolata-topped hummus? Did you know… chestnuts are packed full of vitamin C? The perfect […]

‘Dem Bones Dem Bones Need Calcium…

…and that’s a natural law!’ Got milk? Nope. For decades, the dairy industry has stressed the importance of milk products for calcium. Sound teeth? Strong bones? Osteoporosis? Milk to the rescue! But is ‘nature’s first food’ also ‘nature’s perfect food’? For baby animals of the same species, yes! For animals beyond weaning age … and […]