Yve – Bio Ceramic Filter


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The YVE-BIO® ceramic filter is suitable for all YVE filters as well as for similar filters of the same design from other manufacturers.

The ceramic pre-filter is a pre-stage filter for residues from the water mains.

It filters out dust, rust, lime, viruses, bacteria, suspended substances, sediments and more.

HIGH-DENSITY YVE-BIO ceramic filter . The high-density ceramic functions according to the principle of a filter that retains all harmful substances foreign to the water. These include rust from the pipes, sediments, bacteria, germs and lime with a particle size greater than 0.2 µm and additional contaminants.

The ceramics, with a pore size of only 0.2 µm (micrometres) (> 0.2 microns as per new ISO standard 12-2, valid as of March 1, 2010) are so fine that no viruses or bacteria can get through. The ceramics thus provide effective protection from all types of germs.

The filter should be changed every 24 months.