Yve – Bio 3000 Filtration System


In stock (can be backordered) | Unit of Sale: 12litr

Yve – Bio 3000 Filtration System


Recommended for: the large household or for increased water consumption

Water filters and drinking water filters

Our YVE-BIO® 3000 filter system works with natural gravity (gravitation). It consists of:

  • Ceramic filter
  • 5-step Cartouche Origin
  • Mineral Ring
  • FIR infrared system
  • Water tap with magnet

The two tanks are made of high-quality SAN plastic, free of plasticisers, bisphenol A (BPA) as well as phthalates, of course odourless and tasteless. Test results from the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH on all plastic materials used in our water filters can be found here.

Why should you choose a gravitational water filter?

  • Even where there is no water connection available, you can use your water filter.
  • You ll be able to generate clean drinking water at any time – even in emergency situations. Because without electricity in large parts of the country, even the usual drinking water supply does not work.
  • You are flexible and can take your water filter with you wherever you go, so that you always have drinking water to hand, for example, even when travelling.
  • One litre of tap water requires up to 1000 times less energy than bottled water (according to a study by ESU-Services GmbH).
  • You decide which components you would like to add to your water according to your wishes. We have the following for you to choose from:
  • EM-X pipes, grey
  • Waterstones/gems
  • Bio Ring

Ireland spends 76.5 million on bottled water a year

You can save hundreds of euro by drinking from an Yve water filtration system and help save our planet!

  • Plastic can only be recycled 7-9 times (although some people still don’t recycle!).

  • It then takes around FIVE HUNDRED YEARS to decompose, lying around somewhere on our planet.  In landfill? On a beach? Already, the ocean has islands (literally, they are colossal) made entirely from the accumulated stuff!

  • According to the World Economic Forum our plastic production is twenty times higher now than fifty years ago (growing from 16.5 million tonnes in 1964 to 343 million tonnes in 2014). This his figure is projected to double by 2036 – to around 700 million tonnes.

This is a good choice when supporting our Minimal Waste Project 🙂

YVE-BIO® products filter our tap water using the same methods as nature:

  • The water runs through the high-density ceramic filter with a pore size of only 0.2 µm (micrometres).
  • The ceramics filter out up to 100% of germs, bacteria, sediments and other harmful substances.
  • Up to 90% of nitrates are bound in the filter cartridge containing charcoal (without nano-silver), ceramics and other mineral substances and harmful substances are minimised.
  • The water is re-mineralised by the mineral shell and energised by the natural flow and turbulence.
  • The water tap contains a magnet that causes the water to rotate clockwise.
  • The EM pipes (effective micro-organisms) provide antioxidative water
  • The waterstones (precious stones) make it energy-rich.


  • Height 64 cm
  • Diameter 31 cm
  • Top approximately 4 litres, bottom approximately 8 litres (12L capacity)
  • The water filter tanks are made of premium SAN plastic; they are unplasticised, bisphenol-A-B-free (BPA-free) and phthalate-free, foodstuff approved, odourless and tasteless, used worldwide for drinking containers, no PET materials.