Traditional Sushi Mat (Bamboo)


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Traditional Bamboo Mat For Rolling Sushi
Traditional Sushi Mat (Bamboo)


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Mat to Roll Sushi

Discover the essential role of our bamboo mat in crafting perfect sushi. Place Sushi Nori, Organic Sushi Rice, and your favorite fillings on the mat for delightful and visually appealing sushi rolls.

What is a Sushi Mat

A sushi mat, also known as a bamboo sushi rolling mat or makisu, is a mat made of bamboo and cotton strings woven together. It is an essential tool in sushi preparation, used to roll and shape sushi rolls, particularly maki sushi. The mat provides a stable surface for rolling, compressing, and shaping the ingredients, such as rice, seaweed, fish, and vegetables, into a tight and uniform roll. The bamboo mat is flexible, making it easy to work with, and its texture prevents the sushi rice from sticking to it during the rolling process.


Bamboo and cotton