Yve – Bio Single 3000 Filtration System GLASS


Available on back-order | Unit of Sale: 12litr

Yve – Bio Single 3000 Filtration System GLASS


Symbiosis of pure, structured and thus cell-available water

Our Ultimative 3000 filter system – made entirely of glass – works with natural gravity. It consists of:

  • 3-step Cartridge Energy-Vitality
  • Mineral ring
  • FIR Infrared System
  • Faucet Gropius
  • EM X-Pipes grey

The glass tanks made of lead-free crystal glass are handmade. It is a very high-quality, distinctively clear product with a special brilliance in the colour light blue. In this manual production, the glassmaker forms the desired glass by blowing air into a mould. The high temperatures can cause small air pockets in the glass. These bubbles or a different glass thickness are not a defect but a proof of handmade quality goods. The upper tank has a capacity of approx. 4 litres, the lower one of approx. 9 litres.

approx. 58 cm high with a diameter of approx. 32 cm

 Why should you choose our Ultimative 3000 water filter?

  • purification of your tap water from drug residues, hormones, pesticides and heavy metals
  • structured and thus cell-available water
  • life processes can run better through energisation
  • filtered water without electricity, chemicals and water waste
  • surface tension is reduced and less lime deposits occur
  • bacteria (e.g. E. Coli, cholera, salmonella) and parasites (e.g. Giardia, Klebsiella) are removed up to 99.99 %
  • imitation of the earth’s natural water purification process
  • right turning water
  • filters microplastics in tap water down to a particle size of 0.5 microns (for comparison: a human hair has a thickness of about 70 µm)
  • tested by the SGS Group, a world leader in inspection, testing, verification and certification
  • mineralisation through germanium, silicon, zinc, etc.
  • particularly harmonious and soft taste
  • tested for approx. 50 pesticides; the minimum amount of retained pollutants was 99.35 % after more than 3000 litres
  • the DOME-FILTER® has been certified according to the internationally recognised NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53 and 401
  • you decide which accessories you want to add according to your wishes:
    • EM X-Pipes pink
    • Waterstone Gemstones
    • Alkaline Ring

Did you know?

Ireland spends 76.5 million on bottled water a year. You can save hundreds of euro by drinking from an Yve water filtration system and help save our planet!

  • Plastic can only be recycled 7-9 times (although some people still don’t recycle!).

  • It then takes around FIVE HUNDRED YEARS to decompose, lying around somewhere on our planet.  In landfill? On a beach? Already, the ocean has islands (literally, they are colossal) made entirely from the accumulated stuff!

  • According to the World Economic Forum our plastic production is twenty times higher now than fifty years ago (growing from 16.5 million tonnes in 1964 to 343 million tonnes in 2014). This his figure is projected to double by 2036 – to around 700 million tonnes.

This is a good choice when supporting our Minimal Waste Project 🙂

 YVE-BIO® products filter our tap water using the same methods as nature:

  • The water runs through the high-density ceramic filter with a pore size of only 0.2 µm (micrometres).
  • The ceramics filter out up to 100% of germs, bacteria, sediments and other harmful substances.
  • Up to 90% of nitrates are bound in the filter cartridge containing charcoal (without nano-silver), ceramics and other mineral substances and harmful substances are minimised.
  • The water is re-mineralised by the mineral shell and energised by the natural flow and turbulence.
  • The water tap contains a magnet that causes the water to rotate clockwise.
  • The EM pipes (effective micro-organisms) provide antioxidative water
  • The waterstones (precious stones) make it energy-rich.

The top and bottom tanks are made of hand-blown, lead-free crystal glass