Yve – Bio 5-Step Origin Filter Cartridge


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YVE-BIO® 5-step Origin Filter Cartridge
Is suitable for all YVE-Bio filters.
As well as similar identical filters from other manufacturers.
Length 16.5 cm thread, diameter 9.5 cm

1st stage activated carbon
High-quality activated carbon with iodine value 1200 (= highest absorption value),
Binds and thereby removes various pollutants, inter alia; Nitrates more than 90%, coarse drug residues, chlorine, heavy metals and more, very effective.

2nd stage Zeolite
Has a very high internal binding capacity, thus additionally binding heavy metals, free radicals and other pollutants as such.
The taste of YVE-BIO water is also significantly improved.

3th stage Bio balls,
Consist of Wongiseok Stones (vital stone),
Which are made into a "ball" by a refining process including the pulverization after mixing and composing with 10 natural pure minerals, which also attracts infrared rays (FIR) and diffuses again to the water. Through the passing water, energy is generated in the rotation of the electromagnetic waves and Gi (vitality).

4rd stage tourmaline balls,
These tourmaline bioceramics, the mixed crystals contained in the tourmaline, consist of a complex alternating composition. Also known as "electric stone", the anode (+) and the cathode (-) exist at both ends of the crystals, even when they are pulverized into fine powder and fired again into balls, thus having a catalyst function and reinforcing the hexagonal As the energetic properties.

5th stage silicon minerals
Also takes over the function of a stream, as in nature, the water retains its natural structure as well as its natural taste. Gives away colloidal traces of silicon and is also valuable for our physical mineral balance. Bone formation.