Guide to Proteins
The French word 'protéine', coined in 1838, comes from the Greek word 'proteios', meaning 'the first quality'. Proteins are essential to life, just not in the hu-moo-ngo...
Put a Spring (summer) In Your Step!
Just discovered a couple of nice foodie blogs that are definitely worth sharing.  Simple food is the name of the game.  And the winners are protein packed salads.  Early tries from seas...
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The Hopsack

Health Store Dublin

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The Bestest for Your Braaaains
Zombies love brains.  It's practically all they can talk about.  Makes for a total yawnfest when you're trying to catch up after a long week of infecting humankind.  Truth is we...
It's Never Too Late to Make a Change
Picture this: your grandfather, in his late nineties and suffering from advanced stages of dementia, isn't showing much interest in the world around him. Day after day he sits in his chair, barely per...
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