Staff Trial!  Ana tries out Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3,6,9,
COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-9-D "Last month my staff trial was Complete omega oil with vitamin D3.  My daily dose was half up to one tablespoon. I have to say that my skin improved a lot, especially...
Guide to Proteins
The French word 'protéine', coined in 1838, comes from the Greek word 'proteios', meaning 'the first quality'. Proteins are essential to life, just not in the hu-moo-ngo...
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The Hopsack

Health Store Dublin


We're your one-stop shop for natural foods, vitamins, minerals, cosmetics, fresh organic produce and a vegetarian deli selection.

Special Offer

For all you peanut butter fans out there, this offer is not to be missed!
Get an extra 55% free on top of a 435g jar of Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter - all for only €2.88!

Try out the new hemp seeds from True Natural Goodness, with a 20% off price tag!

If you love Tahini as much as we do, you'll be delighted with the 20% off offer we have on Meridian light, organic light and organic dark tahini


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We Want YOU! Digital Marketing Intern Role
We're looking for a Digital Marketing Intern to support us in our online expansion... The Hopsack is one of Ireland's longest and best established health stores. It was established over 30 yea...
Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream is Kate Middleton's Fav!
KATE MIDDLETON’S FAVOURITE DR HAUSCHKA QUINCE DAY CREAM Dr. Hauschka’s Skincare Range is loved by people throughout the world including many well known personalities and celebrities ...
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