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Now please don’t shoot us, and turn away if you don’t want to hear the big “C” word yet buuuuuuut – it’s less than 60 days till…that day that we’ll all actually love when it comes around.  And with that particular feast in mind, in the words of Sue Perkins – ready, steady….BAKE!!!  And guess where all your various crystallised fruit, gluten free flour, natural sweetener etc etc needs can be taken care of.  No, no, not in Funderland – at the Hopsack sillies!!  Just a prompt for anyone like us who feels a bit detached from the old ways of Christmas pudding baking in September (yes they do taste better after 3 months curing).  So it’s already nearly the end of October and we’ve got precisely no Christmas baking done.  None. Nada. Zip.  So let’s grasp the nettle together eh?  Oh and we’ll be filling our shelves and the metaphysical shelves of our new and shiny website with gzillion, gzreat gzift ideas in the coming weeks.  Once we’re done mourning summer’s sudden and stark absence.  Stay tuned!