Guide to Proteins
The French word 'protéine', coined in 1838, comes from the Greek word 'proteios', meaning 'the first quality'. Proteins are essential to life, just not in the hu-moo-ngo...
Put a Spring (summer) In Your Step!
Just discovered a couple of nice foodie blogs that are definitely worth sharing.  Simple food is the name of the game.  And the winners are protein packed salads.  Early tries from seas...
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The Hopsack

Health Store Dublin

Welcome to another day on planet health!  Our shiny new site is here to help all citizens - to get well, to be well and optimise their human performance.  Sure we all fall down sometimes, but we're here to give you what you need when it's time to get back up!  With videos and articles all designed to help you access the essential information to keep you and your kin feeling tip top, and a store just STACKED with high quality, powerful healthfoods.  Drop us a line if you don't see what you're looking for or if you have a mad eureka moment and think of the one thing you haven't heard us chirping on about.  But if it ain't good enough for us, then we won't be selling it to you guys.

Store Shopping Experience

Just a little caveat on our store - it is REEEEEEAAAALLY new.  And really big.  There's around 7000 products no word of a lie  So some stuff is bound to go awry.  Sorry but even with tech geniuses on our side....So if you find some rough edge that needs smoothing out, please drop us a line to and we'll do our best to sweep the mistakes under the rug - kidding!  And we might even give you a prize hamper if we think your eagle eyes deserve it!

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The Bestest for Your Braaaains
Zombies love brains.  It's practically all they can talk about.  Makes for a total yawnfest when you're trying to catch up after a long week of infecting humankind.  Truth is we...
'Dem bones dem bones need calcium...
...and that's a natural law!' Got milk? Nope. For decades, the dairy industry has stressed the importance of milk products for calcium. Sound teeth? Strong bones? Osteoporosis? Milk to the res...
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