Wasabi Mayo 195g – Vegan Mayonnaise


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Wasabi Mayo Vegan
Wasabi Mayo 195g – Vegan Mayonnaise


Irish Wasabi Mayo

Indulge in the rare and precious Irish Wasabi Mayo—a culinary treasure crafted with dedication by Pat and Beotanics. Each spoonful is a journey through history and years of hard work cultivating this challenging yet exquisite crop. What sets it apart:

Authentic Irish Flavor: Experience the true taste of Irish-grown Wasabi, a flavor as genuine as the land it hails from.

Premium Quality: Only the finest ingredients make the cut, ensuring every spoonful is a pure delight of top-tier excellence.

Vegan Mayonnaise

Plant-Powered, No Added Sugar: A guilt-free indulgence—100% plant-based with zero added sugar. A compassionate choice for you and the planet. Take your culinary experience with this exceptional condiment to a new level – that encapsulates the essence of Irish craftsmanship and care.

Where Can I Buy Wasabi Mayonnaise

But it online here on The Hopsack website or visit in Rathmines Store.

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