Pure 100% Cocoa Chocolate



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Pure 100% Cocoa Chocolate


Just like it says.  If you love chocolate, if you find yourself getting lured into darker and darker depths, you will love this bar.  Because they use only the finest Fairtrade beans which they batch-roast to bring out their natural flavours, even at 100% you will find no bitter aftertaste, more of a full-bodied earthy roasted richness.  Perfect for grating onto savoury dishes, or enjoying straight from the pack.


  • Cocoa Nibs† (100%)

†Ingredients certified to international Fairtrade standards, total 100%.
*May contain nuts.

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Per 100 g

  • Energy 464 kcal
  • Fat total 42.8 g
  • saturated 25.0 g
  • Carbohydrate 35.7 g
  • sugars     0 g
  • Protein 14.3 g
  • Salt 0 mg

The packaging on this product is compostable, so it is a good choice when supporting our Minimal Waste Project.

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