100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Guatemala – Magic Earth


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Ceremonial Cacao Sacred Rituals. Buy in Ireland.
100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Guatemala – Magic Earth


Best Ceremonial Cacao

Experience a revitalizing transformation with our exquisite Ceremonial Cacao from the Ruku’x’Ulew women’s collective. If you’ve been yearning for a deeper connection with your body and a heightened sense of vitality, this sacred brew is your key to unlocking a renewed life force energy. Crafted with intention and care, each sip offers a journey to view life from a higher, more loving perspective.
Compared to Magic Earth Peruvian Cacao, this Cacao boasts a bold flavor profile, less sweetness, and a luxurious, creamy texture when prepared as a ceremonial drink. Infused with potent energies, it’s ideal for movement practices, communing with nature, dancing, deep singing or chanting, and even pre-workout rituals.

Guatemalan Cacao

Pronounced “Ro-koosh Oo-lay-oo,” this Cacao is meticulously cultivated by the indigenous Mayan community of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Hand-roasted over open flames and meticulously ground into smooth, beautiful discs of paste, each bean is hand-peeled with the utmost care and love by the women of the collective.

Supporting Indigenous Families

With every purchase of our Cacao, you directly support these indigenous Guatemalan families and help preserve their traditional craftsmanship. Reignite your inner light and radiate your unique energy onto the world stage.

How to Make Ceremonial Cacao

To prepare this ceremonial elixir, simply chop 25-50 grams of Cacao (approximately 4 tablespoons), gently warm your choice of water or milk in a pan (avoid boiling), add the Cacao shavings, and stir until melted. Whisk to achieve your desired thickness, but remember, this sacred medicine is best prepared with intention and respect—so skip the blenders and opt for a gentle, hand-whisking approach.

Where to Buy Ceremonial Cacao in Ireland

You can buyt it online here or visit The Hopsack store in Rathmines, Dublin.