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Organic Cacao Powder

Dive deep in the extraordinary richness of cacao, boasting unrivaled antioxidants surpassing blueberries, goji berries, red wine, and green tea. Abundant in magnesium for heart and brain health, cacao enhances body alkalinity. Our versatile Cacao Powder, extracted through cold pressing to retain nutrients, delivers the essence of the whole bean. Revel in its decadent chocolate flavor, devoid of processed sweetness, for a pure and nutritious cocoa experience.

What is Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder, a versatile ingredient, is obtained through the initial cold pressing of the entire cacao bean. This meticulous process preserves essential nutrients while extracting the butter. The resulting dried cacao powder retains a substantial portion of the nutritional advantages inherent in the whole bean.

Nutrient Rich

  • High in Fibre
  • High in Protein
  • High in Iron
  • High in Calcium
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Low in Sugar

How to Use Cacao Powder

This exceptional ingredient lends itself seamlessly to a spectrum of applications, from being expertly baked into luscious cakes and muffins to gracefully blended into indulgent smoothies. Its transformative potential extends to the creation of rich hot chocolate or crafting natural dark chocolate, ensuring a refined and sophisticated culinary experience. Delve into the artistry of gastronomy as you fashion delightful protein balls, each preparation a testament to the premium quality and versatility inherent in our Cacao Powder. Embrace the elevated possibilities it brings to your culinary repertoire.

Where to Buy Cacao Powder

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