Beef Bone Broth (Organic)



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Beef Bone Broth - Organic, Buy in Ireland
Beef Bone Broth (Organic)


Organic Concentrated Beef Bone Broth

Bone broth warms, nourishes, and supports your natural strength.

Back to basics bone broth is one of the oldest foods consumed by people worldwide. Our ancestors knew it well: bone broth enhances life force. We carry on this wisdom with our broth.

Is Bone Broth Good for You

A powerful booster, this is not just soup. It’s a small boost to support your natural strength. Only a pinch of rock salt has been added to make it accessible to everyone.

Our beef broth is slowly brewed (48 hours) over low heat (80 degrees). It’s always magical to experience how the broth transforms from bland to naturally savory and from liquid to sticky. That’s the hallmark of good bone broth: Gelatin, long protein chains with various amino acids like proline, glycine, L-glutamine, and glucosamine.

Amino Acids

It contains various essential amino acids, such as glycine, L-glutamine, glucosamine, and proline. These play a crucial role in collagen production in the body.

Where to Buy Bone Broth in Ireland

You can buy it online here or visit The Hopsack’s store in Dublin.

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Water, 40% Beef* (from beef bones), apple cider*, onion*, carrot*, leek*, salt, garlic*, laurel*. *= Organic