Wandering Into Wellness

A series of podcasts with Finn Murray and Lydia Sasse - filmed out-and-about in areas of natural beauty. Conversations about health and wellness. Interviews with people who inspire them.  Finn and Lydia discuss everything from sex to travelling in these fun and information-packed podacsts:

You can contact orders@thehopsack.ie if you have any topic you would like to see discussed - anything goes!

Latest podcasts

Where to start...at the end? But what is the end? And for Fiona, who's facing this question pretty viscerally, having been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, each day is a new opportunity to get to grips with her life's purpose, and its finite nature...

We were so privileged to have this chance to chat with Takashi Miyazaki, just awarded his first Michelin star, recently after opening his new restaurant project in Cork, Ichigo Ichie...

With a unique ability to distill vast and detailed concepts into succinct and sound advice, Dr. Robert Verkerk takes on high fat, low carb and intermittent fasting - all in under 10 mins!   

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