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Wandering Into Wellness

A series of podcasts with Finn Murray and Lydia Sasse - filmed out-and-about in areas of natural beauty. Conversations about health and wellness. Interviews with people who inspire them.  Finn and Lydia discuss everything from sex to travelling in these fun and information-packed podcasts:

You can contact orders@thehopsack.ie if you have any topic you would like to see discussed - anything goes!

An Uncluttered Christmas with Suzy Kell 


A minimalist Christmas 

As all over the world folk sit pondering the aftermath of the Christmas chaos : we got to chatting with Susie Kell the gentle declutterer about how we could wave a marie Kondo style magic wand over next years Christmas.

We discuss the idea of decluttering Christmas traditions and obligations, zero waste Christmas wrapping, how to put up decorations without all the plastic and foil wrecking your head ( and the planet) and how to approach gift giving without buying more ‘stuff’ .

Suzy will be doing some decluttering workshops in the Hopsack in the new year so keep your eyes peeled.
If you want to see more of what Susie says follow her @gentledecluttering

Podcast Episode 61 Suzy Kell An Uncluttered Christmas with iTunes

For more information on food sharing visit OLIO to help reduce food wastage.

For those interested in the 100 Thing Challenge, by David Bruno check it out here.

In what is fast becoming a wandering Christmas tradition this years guide to ethical gift giving took place at gifted in the RDS.

Extinction Rebellion's Eoin Campbell is a thinking man's...um...thinking man. He's the role model for what we all actually need to be doing right now. He's pretty quiet about it, not evangelical at all, which makes his position even more... 

We were so privileged to have this chance to chat with Takashi Miyazaki, just awarded his first Michelin star, recently after opening his new restaurant project in Cork, Ichigo Ichie...

No kidding, as a self confessed nerd but also musician, DJ and producer, Rasmus Kjaerbo has taken his laptop as a musical tool to new sonic places...

Jonathan Cairns The Plant Based Runner 

Jonathan's story is inspiring not just because of the magnitude of change he has brought into his life but because it is a story so easily related by others.  All he needed was his own two feet ...

Lorraine D'Arcy  - Making Healthy Human Habits

Lorraine D'Arcy has a PhD in the Built Environment, Social Cohesion, Urban Form...basically she's an expert in how best to plan our city spaces to maximise human-ness, to enhance integration and make healthy ...

Podcast Episode 57 Making Healthy Human Habits

Manuel Salazar - Breaking Windows To Save The Burning Building

Keeping our actions relevant and making sure not to alienate the public through climate protests is a tricky business. Any protest can lose the mass support without careful planning, and maximising exposure without...

Biohacking Brain Trauma with Dasha Maximov

Dasha Maximov, Neuro Scientist and Health Optimisation expert speaks to Finn and Lydia on a variety of issues including Heliotherapy and Sun Gazing, to Vipasana and Forest Bathing.  She also shares her top five hacks to ensuring her own optimal health.

One of the Founders of WB Collective
Instagram profile _dashofhealth
Look out for the Health Optimisation Summit 2020 London
When Brains Collide by Michael D. Lewis MD
Ra Optics Glasses

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Podcast Episode 59 with iTunes

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