Wandering Into Wellness

A series of podcasts with Finn Murray and Lydia Sasse - filmed out-and-about in areas of natural beauty. Conversations about health and wellness. Interviews with people who inspire them.  Finn and Lydia discuss everything from sex to travelling in these fun and information-packed podacsts.

You can contact kathy@thehopsack.ie if you have any topic you would like to see discussed - anything goes!

An introduction to us! Our wanderly paths into wellness including a brief history of Lydia's battle with glandular fever and the harsh realities of being a young parent; also Finn's love of rebellion and how it feeds his interest in natural health, with a chat about how we can integrate little bits of "me time" into our day.

In this episode we focus on what we can do to support and enhance that all important grey matter. From stress reduction techniques to eye yoga to using herbs and nutrients to prevent damage and optimise cognitive function.

We look at the dynamics of touch in the modern world, how yoga and especially acroyoga as practiced by Hannah and Pablo, provides a great tool to explore touch in a safe, passionate, playful, but importantly non-sexual manner.

In this episode we discuss some of the  list of health benefits that apple cider vinegar has to offer. We get into things like cholesterol, fighting bugs, skin and hair beauty routines, and pick into the oft confused acidifying/alkalising conundrum.

In this amazing deep dive with Master Mantak Chia we delve into the beautifully simple yet profound philosophy of Taoism.

In this rather wandering chat, we discuss lots of interesting paradigms around managing our energy and supporting our body's adrenal stress response, engaging and toning the vagus nerve, acknowledging and disrupting the casts that we wear physically and emotionally.

In this episode we discuss lots and lots of helpful tips for helping you and your family survive the holidays. So take some notes, whether you're looking to combat the perils of regular long haul travel, or just popping over to Portugal for a bit of sun!

In this chat with our first ever guest on the show, we dig into the sometimes 'icky' world of raising children and educating them about sex. Sarah has a unique ability to break down difficult conversations into simple actions.

We meet occupational therapist,  Ireland's first healing Tao instructor. They discussed the origins of Taoism and its relevance in the modern world, with a particular focus on longevity and sexuality.

Finn meets Dr. Rober Verkerk, who is an absolutely wicked scientist with a deep deep knowledge of human nutrition, and the heart of a health activist.

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