Vegetarian Suet (Gluten Free)


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Vegetarian Suet Gluten Free
Vegetarian Suet (Gluten Free)


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Versatile Gluten Free Vegan Suet

Suma Gluten-Free Vegan Suet (250g) offers a plant-based alternative to traditional suet, perfect for various cooking needs.

Perfect for Puddings

Enhance your homemade steamed or baked puddings, whether sweet or savory, such as spotted dick and jam roly-poly, with our gluten-free suet.

Multi-Purpose Usage

Achieve the perfect texture in your pastries, dumplings, and puddings by combining half suet with flour. This suet blend is adaptable for use in a variety of vegetable mixes, energy balls, or dumplings.

Essential Cooking Ingredient

This gluten-free suet is a must-have for your kitchen, offering a high vegetable content suitable for various dried vegetable mixes.

Delightful Pudding Creations

Explore the possibilities of suet pastry mix in crafting delicious puddings, making it ideal for baking applications like gluten-free suet puds and vegetable mix desserts such as chocolate dicks!


Non-hydrogenated vegetable oil (85%) (palm oil*, sunflower oil), rice flour. *from sustainable sources

Instructions for Use

Use a proportion of half suet to flour for pastry, dumplings and puddings. For best results always use at room temperature.