Guerande Course Sea Salt


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Course Sea Salt in Ireland La Guerandais
Guerande Course Sea Salt


Sea Salt – The Traditional Way

Guérande Coarse Sea Salt – meticulously hand-harvested through time-honored methods.

Naturally Grey Sea Salt

Its natural grey hue, a result of crystallization on clay, distinguishes it. Softer and more flavorful than Mediterranean salt, it’s the choice for enhancing stocks, cooking vegetables, and creating a savory crust for barbecues, meat, and fish. Unwashed, unrefined, and free from additives, this salt elevates traditional family cooking.

Harvested daily during mild summer days on the Guérande peninsula, the concentrated salt crystallizes under evaporation, creating a masterpiece that unfolds through a careful process involving wooden rakes, ladures, and skillful salt workers. Experience the essence of authentic craftsmanship in every grain.

Where to Buy Course Sea Salt in Ireland

You can buy one of the best course sea salts here online or visit The Hopsack’s Rathmines store in Dublin


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