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Pasteurised butter with gut-friendly bacteria.

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Manufacturer’s Description

When we make mozzarella, we stretch and manipulate the curd in a technique known as Pasta Filata. During this process, the curd looses a lot of cream, which we capture and use to make our cultured butter. ​In this way we use all of the milk, leaving no parts to waste.

Because we use the cream produced during the Mozzarella making process, the delicious fresh umami flavour of whey starter Mozzarella is carried through into the butter.

Our Cultured Butter is slightly fermented and full of gut friendly bacteria. It is a tradition in Campania to make butter from cream that has been ripened with various bacterias. This provides health benefits, similar to yoghurt.

We produce salted and unsalted butter. We recommend using our Cultured Butter in cooking, as it adds a creaminess and complexity of flavour to any dish!