Cashew Butter


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Cashew Butter Vegan Plant Based
Cashew Butter


Cashew Butter (Vegan) by Meridian

Experience the perfection of our Organic Cashew Butter, created with 96% roasted cashews and a hint of sunflower oil. This creamy delight is versatile, great on crackers, in baked goods, or as a savory dressing. Cashews, not true nuts but seeds of the cashew apple, hail from tropical climates in South America, India, and Africa.

No Added Sugar or Salt

Free from added sugar or salt.

Vegan Nut Butter

It’s suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Plus, we’re palm oil-free, certified by POFCAP, for a greener Earth. Embrace natural oil separation; just stir and savor.

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