Why Bamboo Will Take Over Your Underwear Drawer

There's always that time of the year where you know you have to replace and restock your underwear drawer. But what if this year you give it a little twist?

What if this time you switch your usual options and opt for new materials?

Recent innovation and development have brought us new fabrics that can change the way you look at your underwear.

Bamboo fabrics are becoming more and more prominent and can be considered today as good and as reliable as organic cotton.

Below, we'll give you all the reasons why you'll want to also try bamboo undergarments.

Wait, did you just say bamboo?

Yes! Though the immediate idea of bamboo is not exactly that of fabric, it can become one. And a quality fabric for that matter.

Textile processes have been innovating, especially in an ecological sense, and today's technology allows to use the fibres sourced from bamboo canes and transform them into silky smooth yarns named "viscose rayon". The name may seem strange, but it is very much one of the smoothest fabrics you can wear and perfect for underwear use while being really affordable and eco-friendly.

Super comfortable and healthy

As mentioned above, the yarn that later results in bamboo underwear is amazingly soft and even more delicate than silk, assuring your comfort throughout the day. Bamboo fabrics are recognised as one of the leading textures available. The touch is similar to cashmere or silk while being softer than cotton too. Better yet, it manages to eradicate itchy or irritable feelings on the skin due to the high-tech processes undergone before reaching your drawer.

The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is covered with micro holes and gaps that help drain moisture away from your body. This allied with the temperature regulating properties present in the Viscose bamboo fabric will keep you fresh and cool no matter how sweaty and demanding your day has been. Therefore, it is excellent for workout clothes but also for everyday life and sleep.

Bamboo underwear is antimicrobial and breathable, eliminating any odour from excessive moisture or warmth.

This type of underwear is also hypoallergenic, a deciding factor for those with more sensitive skin and allergic to some fabrics. Hypoallergenic means the material is very rarely infected by bacteria, something man-made fibres are prone to. Thanks to not holding moisture, it doesn't develop any mildew or mould over time or cause any other allergic reaction due to chemicals, since the yarn fibres are grown totally free of pesticides or heavy chemicals.

Longer lasting underwear

If you are not a fan of having to replace your underwear regularly, then pay close attention to this one.

Bamboo underwear is even more durable than its cotton counterpart. The softness and suppleness it offers should not be mistaken for fragility. Wash after wash, you will be surprised by how long they will last without losing any of its properties. If you are looking for value in your underwear, this is a no brainer! Bamboo underwear will be long-lasting and an excellent purchase.

Bamboo fabric is sustainable

The textile industry is one of the most environmentally impactful in the world. We already went through the benefits bamboo underwear can provide you but, by no means less important, it is the way it benefits the planet. Many brands, such as Boodywear are making eco-friendly moves and designing collections built from bamboo yarns.

Bamboo fabric is an eco-friendly option, and that is due to its natural occurring properties, and sustainable practices of bamboo farming.

But there are many more reasons that make this a sustainable option:

  • Fertiliser and pesticide-free farming
  • Water-efficient & less resource-hungry crops
  • Bamboo plant grows tremendously fast
  • Allows for constant re-harvesting without harming the environment
  • A biodegradable resulting fabric at the end of its life

Restocking your underwear drawer has never been easier

Ok, so now that you have recognised the undeniable benefits bamboo fabric can give you and the environment, you are probably planning on restocking your drawer with fresh new bamboo underwear.

And who can blame you? Added comfort, better value and doing your part to aid the planet? It's an easy decision to make!

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