Viridian Oils – taste them this Friday!!

Some oils are better than others…and some are so good you could call them super-dooper! Well there’s just such a range lurking in the fridge at the Hopsack.

Viridian’s range of nutritional oils is a fantastic range aimed at boosting our intake of essential fats and other nutrients, each one with its own specific qualities. Alexis, Viridian’s nutritional specialist in Ireland, will be hosting a tasting of these oils in The Hopsack throughout the day, this Friday 24th April.

Joint Omega Oil – a lovely blend of anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric and ginger, with proven effects on rheumatic pain, blended with a selection of essential fat-rich seed oils like flax and pumpkin and an anti-oxidant blend designed to improve our ability to fight inflammation causing oxygen free radicals.

100% Organic Ultimate Beauty Oil – with a blend of avocado, flax, hemp, evening primrose and pumkin seed oils this oil provides a rich source of essential fats and nutrients like vitamin E that support the cultivation of healthy, youthful skin!

Sports Performance Oil – a combination of coconut, flax and wheatgerm oil, blended with patented vegan CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) extract makes this oil a fantastic support for those putting extra energy demands on their bodies whether distance training, weight-lifting or simply running about the place like a headless chicken. Just one such candidate is Rebecca Quin, an ex-professional wrestler, lovely staff member of The Hopsack, and the closest thing we know to a good old ‘gym bunny’. She seems to be a big fan of Viridian’s Sports Performance Oil, as she lets us know below!

Said Rebecca, ‘I had the great oppurtunity to take Viridian Sports Oil for the month of January. This was a prime time to take it too, because after all the cookies and mulled wine that Christmas had to offer, a promise of more intense training was new year’s resolution numero uno. In general I am extremely active. My week generally includes no less then three yoga sessions, and three weights sessions, as well as a class of Capoeira, a few runs, and maybe some backflips. I also cycle or walk everywhere. I found that when taking the sports oil, my energy increased, especially when I was working out. I would be able to lift more and my endurance definitely improved. I also noticed an increase in flexibility. I also became leaner, and as a side note, everyone was remarking on how clear my skin had become. It has a great list of ingredients such as CLA (which can aid your body in using fat for energy), coconut oil (which also has amazing properties highly beneificial for anyone who is active ), Flaxseed oil, wheatgerm oil, Omega 3, 6, and 9 and vitamin E. It was easy to take and actually tasted quite nice. I would either take a tablespoon of it in the morning mixed with some apple concentrate or I would pour it over my salads with some cider vinegar. I would recommend this to anyone who is active and looking for a boost in energy or a supplement to get over a plateau or to simply push you on to that next level in your quest for super human athletic ability.’

Come in this Friday and see what has Rebecca was raving about!!

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