We run lots of exciting and educational events at The Hopsack.  You can find out more details and register for all of them online, just click on the active hyperlinks below. 

About the event

'Tapping into the Healer From Within' is a series of workshops designed to connect you to the deepest level of your consciousness. Learn to tap into your own healing energies, so you can access them anytime with just few simple techniques and newfound awareness. 

Sept: 26th Part 1: The power of being kind to your heart is about self acceptance, self love, finding your inner smile and using this energy to shift your alignment into a healthier more connected way of being.

Oct 10th - Part 2: The power of breathe- Returning to your deepest well of energy. is a beautiful and practical dive into the immense importance of the breath. John will take you through various philosophies and techniques relating to breathwork and give you a fresh perspective on how the simple acting of breathing can change just about everything. 

Oct 24th - Part 3: The wonderful power of being present. is an introduction into mindfulness and all that it entails. In this workshop you will explore what isis to connect deeper into the present moment and learn techniques to find stillness in the chaos of life at all times. 

Nov 7th - Part 4: The healing power of E.F.T is an exploration into the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, and Thought Field Therapy. 

Nov 21st - Part 5: The six healing sounds is an exploration into the six healing sounds of Chinese medicine and how working with them can help you use vibration as part of your healing journey. 

You can attend one or all of the events.€15 per event or contact thehopsack@gmail.com to purchase all five for €60 :)


Living Foods Workshop

Join Rose Greene, fresh from her time in a Michelin starred kitchen in Belgium, to learn about incorpating living and sprouted foods into your every day food preparation. This workshop will teach you all the basics of sprouting and activating grains, pulses and seeds and will also show you how to create highly digestible, delicious and nutritionally available foods from them.

About Rose and 4 Hands Studio

Rose worked for many years in Belgium, in a very renowned restaurant, a lot of her work there was in the development of the fermentation program, using local produce. She also worked along with the university of Antwerp, with their microbiology department, gaining a great understanding of the science, and the health benefits of natural fermentation.

In collaboration with Margaux Dejardin, the pair run 4 Hands Studio and produce naturally fermented drinks, vegetables and miso in the midlands of Ireland, Co. Westmeath. They also hold outstanding 5-star dining events, and teach workshops, helping people to gain the knowledge on how to ferment themselves.

Date: October 13th

Time: 10am - 12:30pm

Cost: €30

Click here or on the image to register 
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