We run lots of exciting and educational events at The Hopsack.  You can find out more details and register for all of them online, just click on the active hyperlinks below. 


Community Kimchi Class with Virginia O'Gara

Friday 13th March, 7 - 8.30pm

Tickets €25

This class will offer you quite literally the chance to get stuck in and make your very own kimchi and kraut! You will not only get to take this home with you, allowing you time to watch over as your ferment develops; but you will also walk away with a world of wisdom as Virginia O'Gara, founder of My Goodness, takes you through the wonderful world of fermentation, tips and tricks, do's and don'ts to take on kraut making at home.  

Virginia O'Gara moved to Cork from Austin, Texas in 2006 to study Permaculture Design at Kinsale Further Education College. She soon developed a deep love for Ireland, consistent rainfall, cabbages, and root vegetables. That love ran so deep that she created a business around these valuable resources, and has spent the last six years finding new ways and old, to sustainably grow, prepare, and preserve food and drinks.

My Goodness is a vegan sustainable food company based in The English Market, that specialises in probiotic kombucha and kefir, made from rainwater, sauerkrauts and kimchi made using vegetables grown that can be grown in Ireland, and is working with local farmers to explore growing new varieties of vegetables for krauts.

Come join Virginia for an interactive evening of community kimchi making. Be prepared to get your hands dirty as we learn to kraut together. This kimchi workshop will touch on the health benefits of including probiotics in the diet, show best practice when making fermented foods, and you'll leave with your very own jar of kimchi that we make on the night, and a recipe. 

Limited seats available so book online here on Eventbrite and learn all there is to know to get yourself started on the road to fermentation.  Your gut will thank you for it!

Taste & Talk: How The World Of Chocolate Is Changing

with Patrick and Kelli Marjolet from The Proper Chocolate Company


Thursday 19th March, 7 - 8.30pm

Tickets €15

Chocolate. Something that seems so simple, something many of us enjoy, something that we eat almost every day, has a turbulent history and a far-from transparent present-day industry.

Join Patrick and Kelli from The Proper Chocolate Company on this taste & talk event where they will uncover chocolate's secrets and trickery's.  You will get to understand how it is made from seed to bar, learn the stories of the people who cultivate cacao, and learn how industrial chocolate is on the verge of breakdown and what is going to change...

Patrick and Kelli will guide you along a chocolate tasting, and you will also be able to smell, touch, hear and taste cocoa beans - the ingredient always at the center of their chocolate.

Finally at the end, you will be taken through a chocolate architecture class where you will learn how to design chocolate!

What to bring:

Any questions you have on cacao or chocolate, whether it is about the history, cultivation,  recipe, ingredients or manufacturing.  We would welcome all inquirires.  

If you would like to know what your favourite chocolate is made of, bring it and we will reverse engineer how it is made!

Patrick and Kelli are pioneers in their field, learning the craft in San Francisco they returned to Ireland to launch The Proper Chocolate Company, Dublin's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker. These purveyors are scrupulous in their sourcing too, only obtaining cocoa beans from cooperatives, associations of small farms and social enterprises that create positive and long-lasting impacts on local communities. Farmers produce high quality, specialty-grade cacao and in return receive logistical help such as farm-gate collection, micro-financing and cultivation technical support on top of being remunerated well above market rate.

"When treated just right, cocoa beans release an incredible variety of savours and subtleties that you just don’t find in mass-produced chocolate."

Spaces are limited, so secure your place here on Eventbrite.

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