Tried & Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive

Product Name: Living Nutrition Cognitive

Why you chose it: I wanted to take something to help me focus on my studies. I’ve also been feeling foggy-brained and forgetful so I was hoping that this would help me.

How you took it: I took 2 a day most days.

Benefits: I definitely felt benefits from this product. The days that I took it I felt like I could focus on my studies a lot better. Usually I can only concentrate for 15 minutes before I get distracted by something else but when I took Living Nutrition Cognitive I could sit and focus for at least 40 minutes before needing to have a break. I also found that information was sticking quicker. The brain fog that I have been experiencing seemed to lift and I could see and understand things much better.

Would you recommend it: I will absolutely recommend this product. Especially to those who are studying or need to focus for long periods of time