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Let Food Be Your Medicine - Chocolate
Christmas day 2014. I’d arrived in Peru, feeling bewildered and anxious.  I’d be staying with a tribe in the Amazon jungle. It was daunting. Then I was handed some fresh, hot cacao. A...
Kathy Health
Say it with a Smile
No matter what we try to do to downplay its importance to us, even as we cover up with masks, we just can’t hide how much a smile means to us.  Even if we’re only seeing it in the bat...
Finn Health
Swimming in a Bug Soup
So you’ve all heard the phrase “see no evil, hear no evil” right?  Well with the current avalanche of worldwide terror, I think it’s safe to say as a species we’ve h...
Finn Health
Tried & Tested: YourZooki Vitamin C Zooki
Product: YourZooki Vitamin C Zooki  Why I chose it: I chose this product because it was recommended to me by a colleague for enhancing my general health and wellness.  How I took it: It co...
Carol Health
Tried & Tested: Living Nutrition Cognitive
Product Name: Living Nutrition Cognitive Why you chose it: I wanted to take something to help me focus on my studies. I’ve also been feeling foggy-brained and forgetful so I was hoping that thi...
Kiri Health
7 Ways to Boost Energy and Get Rid of Fatigue
With the days growing colder and the effects of the pandemic still impacting our lives, it is only normal even for the most active people to feel out of energy and be taken over by a sluggish feeling....
High Powered Hibernation Foods: What Your Food is Saying to Your Physiology
With just a month and a bit until Santa squeezes his way into our world through a dwindling number of chimneys, many traditions are having to be rethought this year.  What once seemed a given, th...
Finn Health
Why Bamboo Will Take Over Your Underwear Drawer
There's always that time of the year where you know you have to replace and restock your underwear drawer. But what if this year you give it a little twist? What if this time you switch your usua...
Natural Remedies and Ingredients to Combat Winter's Colds and Flu
Winter is around the corner, and we all know what that means. It's the season of coughing and scratchy throats. Colds and flu cases are the norms for most people during the cold months, and so is ...
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. We’re right in the bit in between the past and the future, where vision is more precious than ever, where our world’s leaders have less and less to offer in...
Finn Health
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