Our Super Sonic Sea Veg Winter Tonic
"Ahoy!  Sailor! What is that gunk hanging on your line?"   "Why sir that is Irish Moss! And it is no more gunk than that fine thing hanging from your chin that you call a bea...
Finn Health
Finn's Q&A - I've Got a Cold, I'm Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense
 I've Got a Cold, I'm Boiling Hot, Nothing Makes Sense   So here’s the “boiling hot take” (for all you Blind Boy fans in the audience) on our coughs and colds win...
Finn Health
Finn's Q&A - why is nobody eating breakfast?
My story with intermittent fasting (IF)   Roughly four years ago I woke up and didn’t eat breakfast.  It was the result of the natural trajectory of my food consumption patterns and ...
Finn Health
Biocare – bioacidophilus forte
What did you try?  Biocare – Bioacidophilus Forte Had you considered this product before? I had been struggling with Candida symptoms, so I wanted to rebalance my gut bacteria. I genera...
Cristina Health
Preparing for the Dublin Marathon?
  Preparing for the Dublin Marathon?   In this post,  we discuss the key elements to prepping for the Dublin City Marathon How to get the miles in. Training pro...
Larry Brady Health
This year in Dublin we not only celebrate Halloween but also the mexican festival of ‘Dia de los Muertos’ or also known as ‘The Day of the Dead’. Both events celebrate the same...
Kathy Health
 Solgar - beta glucans & elderberry immune complex
What did you try?     Solgar - beta glucans & elderberry immune complex.                              &nb...
Kate Health
Pukka - chlorella tablets
What did you try?                                                    &...
Anna Health
 NHP – healthy woman support
What did you try?                                                    &...
Christina Health
Accepting yourself to change yourself: a contradiction?
It can be hard to change. I have often felt torn between a desire to change something about myself and a contrary inner voice insisting that I am fine the way I am. It can lead to lots of internal con...
Rhoda-Mary Health
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