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Foods of autumn
Wild mushrooms The fields and forests are abundant with these fascinating and enchanting delights - and now is the perfect time to go foraging! But BEWARE!  You need an expert with you, because ...
Kathy Food
 Solgar - beta glucans & elderberry immune complex
What did you try?     Solgar - beta glucans & elderberry immune complex.                              &nb...
Kate Health
Planet paleo - primal goddess
What did you try?                                                    &...
Katie Food
Pukka - chlorella tablets
What did you try?                                                    &...
Anna Health
 NHP – healthy woman support
What did you try?                                                    &...
Christina Health
Accepting yourself to change yourself: a contradiction?
It can be hard to change. I have often felt torn between a desire to change something about myself and a contrary inner voice insisting that I am fine the way I am. It can lead to lots of internal con...
Rhoda-Mary Health
Finn's Q&A - what foods are kind to the mind?
Zombies love brains.  It's practically all they can talk about.  Makes for a total yawnfest when you're trying to catch up after a long week of infecting humankind.  Truth is we...
Finn Health
Eye balls!
These yummy protein fudge balls are perfect for keeping you focused! :) This recipe makes 8 balls. 10 mins preparation, 30 mins setting time. Ingredients   70g The Hopsack peanu...
The Hopsack Food
Vital vision - pep those peepers
“We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the Weather....
Finn Health
Finn's Q&A - what foods help prevent cancer?
Cancer origins, theories, metabolic disease vs genetic anomaly First off, here's a massive, massive caveat.  This article isn't proposing any approach to treat any disease.   A...
Finn Health
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