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Raspberry chia puddings
Quick, healthy, tasty.and colourful!  These are perfect for making with kids - they can weigh and decorate, they just need an adult helper to do the blending.  Can be enjoyed ...
The Hopsack Deli Food
Seniors Card
We now proudly accept Seniors Cards at The Hopsack.  This will help seniors across Ireland to receive quality supplements and food directly to their door, whilst also saving money. As a Sen...
The Hopsack Health
How do we remain healthy into old age?
With this month's newsletter theme being #HealthForAll and with life expectancy increasing, we wanted to know what advice Finn had to help everyone prepare as healthily as possible for their ...
Finn Health
Stress & anxiety
A lifetime of raw emotion has given me a well of inner strength and a real empathy with anyone experiencing stress or anxiety.  How we perceive and interpret stress plays a role in how our body r...
Kathy Health
Finn's Q&A - mushrooms and the brain
Mind your mane...  No no, we’re not talking about looking after your lovely locks, there’s another blog for that around here somewhere.  At the onset of International Brain Heal...
Finn Health
The menopause - a time for change
Growing up I associated being female with an underlying feeling of shame and guilt. One of my first bedtime stories was the story of Adam and Eve - teaching me how we, as a gender, are at the roo...
Kathy Health
Our neighbours in Rathmines - MyMind
We all know that looking after our health is important and whilst physical symptoms can be obvious, psychological issues can creep up on us and become just as detrimental if left unsolved.  So, ...
Kathy Health
Carrot-top pesto
...with corriander, pistachio & extra virgin olive oil We're always thinking about what we can do to minimise waste at home and I knew Kathy was working with the team in the store t...
Warm aphrodisiac salad
By The Hopsack's Head Chef, Nicky Halliday. This dish is bound to impress your loved one on Valentine’s evening. It’s not too filling and super quick to prepare. I have also inco...
Nicky Food
All About Oral!
It's in his kiss... My 108th (or thereabouts) internet date had come to an end. As I sipped the last of my drink, I couldn’t help it, my heart sank, he wasn’t ‘the one’. I...
Kathy Health
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