Synergy Natural – super greens

What did you try? 

Synergy Natural – super greens

Had you considered this product before?

I eat a lot of greens, so I hadn't really considered this product before. However, as I was going away on holiday, I needed something to help me maintain my daily intake of greens and to make sure I had lots of energy!

How often did you use it?

I started with 5 tablets per day during the week before my trip and followed with 10 – 15 tablets per day for the rest of the month (mostly first thing in the morning). Sometimes I would take 10 tablets in the morning and 5 in the afternoon depending on my day ahead.

How was it?

Super greens did exactly what I wanted during my holiday. I didn’t feel like I was missing my usual greens at all and they really helped maintain my energy levels during the whole holiday, so I didn’t feel tired at all. 


What did you like most?

It was reassuring to know that I could travel around knowing I have all my daily greens in a little bottle on me, to take freely and easily without worry! 

Would you recommend it, and why?

I would definitely recommend this product for an extra kick!

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