Regale and Revive…!

Regale and Revive

Ireland. 21 December 2012. The Mayan calendar is expiring … and our Aussie vanguard is still with us. Great to have an equivalent of the king’s taster in these end times. Cheers, maties! With Christmas and New Year approaching, food is a lingering theme. Turkey, roasties, sprouts, more sprouts, cake… …then the antidote: soups, salads, juices, water and more water as we try to melt away the pudding pounds. Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle can be hard, though, especially if it’s new to us. Change demands energy. It is well-nigh impossible to shift habits from bad to good if our mitochondria have fallen asleep on the sofa. A different approach might be to take a replenishing supplement until our energy levels have improved, then use that va-va-voom to build a solid foundation for health through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and other things that work for us. Galway breakers One Irish-made supplement that has been making waves this year is Revive Q10+. Developed by Galway Natural Health Company, Revive Q10+ is based on the emerging science of nutrigenomics (the study of the effects of nutrients on gene expression). In theory, adequate doses of certain nutrients could potentially harness the ability of the human body to regenerate and repair damage caused by living and ageing. This is the concept upon which Revive Q10+ is based. Formulated primarily to support cardiovascular health, devotees are claiming drops in blood pressure and cholesterol readings. However, they are also reporting anti-ageing benefits, such as smoother skin, thicker hair, weight loss and greater energy. Co-enzyme Q10 and l-arginine are key ingredients in Revive Q10+. Speaking at an anti-ageing conference in London last year, leading vascular surgeon Mr Sherif Sultan said: ‘Co-enzyme Q10 and l-arginine are absolutely necessary to promote ATP [the energy molecule] and cardiovascular health. The virtues of these compounds are well-proven and research into their effectiveness has earned Nobel prizes for the leading researchers in this field.’ For more information on Revive Q10+, go to the website. It’s quite comprehensive, describing key and supporting nutrients in greater depth and looking at specific health benefits. The Hopsack elves should also be able to answer any queries you might have. The dose is one sachet per day. Just add it to a pint of room-temperature spring or filtered water, stir and imbibe, preferably in the morning before food. NB It is imperative that you consult with your doctor before taking Revive Q10+ if you are on medication of any kind (prescription or OTC), as supplements and medicines can interact, with potentially adverse consequences. * Wishing you a delicious and fun-filled Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year, now that we’ve survived the latest millenarian prophecy. * Revive Q10+ is available from The Hopsack and costs €69.95 for one month’s supply.

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