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  • Sona - ZinC Curb Cold Lozenge
  • Sona - ZinC Curb Cold Lozenge

Sona - ZinC Curb Cold Lozenge

Our Price: 6.15

Product Snapshot

An immune boosting blend of Zinc and Vitamin C chewable tablets.


Product Description:

Sona- ZinC Curb Cold Lozenge

Zinc and Vitamin C are 2 of the most useful nutrients for supporting immune health and fighting off colds and flus.

Suck up to 4 tablets daily. Ages 4+.
- Take right at the first sign of cold symptoms to prevent it from developing. 

What we think:
We find it really useful to offer when customers are just feeling the onset of a sore throat, as zinc is antimicrobial on contact and so helps to fight the infection before it spreads.

Bulking agents, vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids, zinc citrate trihydrate, flavours (strawberry, vanilla), anti-caking agents, sweetener, acerola.

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