Worcestershire Sauce Organic Gluten Free


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Worcestershire Sauce Organic Gluten Free By Biona
Worcestershire Sauce Organic Gluten Free


Biona Organic Worcester Sauce: Enhance Your Culinary Creations!

Biona Organic Worcester Sauce has been produced with a gluten free recipe, and is the perfect ingredient for dipping sauces and marinades. It’s subtle flavour will enhance all of your savoury snacks and meals.

Saucy Shenanigans: The Tale of Westchester, Wisticher, and Worcester Shire!

In the world of culinary confusion, there’s a saucy saga that unfolds around the names Westchester Sauce, Wisticher Sauce, and Worcester Shire. These tongue-twisting variations have caused more than a few raised eyebrows and mispronunciations, leaving many wondering if they’re all talking about the same delightful condiment. Fear not, fellow foodies, for this flavor-packed elixir is the essence of umami itself! Whether you call it Westchester, Wisticher, or Worcester Shire, its subtle blend of flavors brings an irresistible charm to your dishes. So go ahead, embrace the saucy shenanigans and savor the rich, complex taste that defies pronunciation but delights the palate!

Whether you’re marinating your favorite meats or adding a dash to your stir-fries, our organic sauce is your passport to a world of rich and tantalizing flavors. Take your culinary creations to the next level with Biona Organic Worcester Sauce, and experience the art of gastronomic excellence!

Where to Buy Gluten Free Worcestershire Sauce in Ireland

You can buy it here online or visit The Hopsack’s Rathmines store in Dublin


Water, Vinegar*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Molasses*, Balsamic Vinegar* (Red Wine Vinegar*, Grape Juice Concentrate*), Tamarinds*, Tamari* (Soya Beans*, Sea Salt), Onions*, Sea Salt, Blackcurrant Syrup*, Garlic*, Oranges*, Chilli*, Red Pepper*, Ginger*, Cardamon*, Coriander Leaves*, Cinnamon*, Basil*, Parsley*, Coriander*, Nutmeg*, Black Pepper*, Cayenne Pepper*, Pimento*

(* = Certified Organic Ingredients)

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

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