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  • Wild alaskan fish oil - peak Epa (30 softgels)
Wiley's Finest

Wild alaskan fish oil - peak Epa (30 softgels)

Our Price: 25.41

Product Description:

Only 1 Per Day!

Just 1 softgel a day is all you need! Peak EPA is purified and concentrated to provide a Peak dose of EPA in every softgel. Peak EPA is clinically proven to increase Omega-3 levels in human muscle tissue and red blood cells.
  • Concentrated Wild Alaskan Fish Oil made at our family owned and operated cGMP Refinery
  • Each Softgel contains 750mg EPA, 250mg DHA for a total of 1000mg EPA + DHA
  • Take 1 softgel per day; 30 count bottle is a 1 month supply!

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