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  • Wild alaskan fish oil - orange burst (250ml)
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Wild alaskan fish oil - orange burst (250ml)

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Wild Alaskan


Product Description:

Great Tasting Liquid Fish Oil!


Get your Omega-3s in a liquid! This all natural, rich orange colour liquid is reflective of the Wild Alaskan Pollock diet. Wiley's gently process the oil to remove environmental contaminants while preserving the natural micronutrients Vitamin A & D and the super antioxidant Astaxanthin. 


Each teaspoon contains :

  • 440mg EPA, 220mg DHA for a total of 660mg EPA + DHA
  • 220mg Omega-7
  • 400mg Omega-9
  • Naturally contains (not added) Vitamin A (3000-8000 IU) and Vitamin D3 (1-10 IU)
  • Naturally contains (not added) Astaxanthin 5-15mcg per serving
  • Take 1 tsp. per day - the bottle is a 50 day supply!

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