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  • Traveller's toolkit  - long-haul (4 products)

Traveller's toolkit - long-haul (4 products)

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Product Description:

This pack contains everything you need to keep you healthy and protected on long-haul holidays!

Altrient glutathione - Fast gaining a well founded reputation as cellular protective anti-oxidant - if that sounds like horse manure, it’s not. Why is it here? Because each time you fly to the states your body is exposed to the sorts of radiation levels your receive in a full body x-ray.  Say hello to your new suit of armour.

Beyond grapessed by Flora - A cardio-protective anti-oxidant, grapeseed extract has so many benefits, but here we’re mostly concerned with its ability to support and stabilise blood vessel walls, which helps prevent damage from the changes in pressure that we experience when we fly.
Calendula complex by A.Vogel -  This is the long term game, and long haul flight puts huge pressure on our lymphatic system, which is a vital part of our immune system’s overall capacity to cope with toxins and foreign invaders.

Wild traveller by Wild Nutrition - This is the ultimate in travel health insurance - cordyceps and NADH improve blood oxygenation and cellular energy metabolism, and pine bark extract works like the grape seed extract to support circulation and prevent swelling in the legs and feet.

Bon voyage!

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