Thinx Sport – Black [Small]


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Designed with a comfy, workout-friendly fit — so you can period better *and* move better.

Comfy, relaxed, breathable, no-stress fit — these Briefs feel just like your fave pair of cozy sweats, except cuter (and period-proof).

These washable, reusable undies absorb your period and are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products.

Every pair of THINX is made with their signature technology for ultimate protection. A moisture wicking breathable cotton draws away wetness and dries fast. Odor controlling neutralizes smell for all day freshness. Their super absorbant layer soaks up fluid without being bulky. And the leak resistant layer helps keep clothes, sheets, and everything else stain free.

If you have a light flow, you may be able to wear THINX instead of traditional period products, like pads and liners. If you have a heavy flow you may choose to wear THINX as a back-up to your tampon or cup.

Fabric: body 89% nylon, 11% elastane
gusset 95% cotton, 5% elastane; middle breathable PUL

To take care of your THINX, rinse them first, pop them in a mesh laundry bag (this keeps your delicates delicate!), then cold wash and hang dry. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener! Don’t worry, the rest of your clothes washed alongside them will be fine!

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